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Bruce left school and the normal social standards of living to pursue his passions. He has undergone resistance and suffering in order to follow his path. This path of art and self-seeking has taken him through many changes of development. His current work is the culmination of a lifetime of self-seeking and self-teaching. He has never read an art book or had an art teacher.


He began to draw at a young age, exercising his talent on Snoopy upon his doghouse, his favorite subject matter at the time. As the years passed, his passion for drawing grew. Bruce sees his art development and his self-development as two sides of the same coin.


                        “As I develop spiritually and mentally, so does my art.

                   Art is a path of self-development as well as self expression.

                   So is religion.”


Bruce intends his art is to capture the character of his subject, the spirit of the subject. He believes that everything in this world is the material expression of the Divine. The Divine is pure, but form modifies this purity and distorts it, as well as expresses it in various ways. He believes that the human being is the most pure expression of the Divine. The Divine divides and reunites within the human. The human is the culmination point of the diverse creation.


Bruce’s sutra or aphorism for art is:


                   “Purity of form is a reflection of Divine intention.”


He feels that nowhere can that purity of form be better expressed and captured than by children and the Native American Indian.





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