78 Views of Chatham County

Book Proposal by Melissa Michael

Lady Lorelei, CTM


Book deck set - The book to be 78 two-page spread pictures with the card inset and a brief explanation of the source of the picture and meaning of the card.


This book is a concrete example of applying the ancient tarot to modern real world life. The major arcana are major landmarks within Chatham County, North Carolina, USA and the minors are a celebration of the Earth, Sky, Water, and Forests or Farms.


Samples coming soon:


Justice - The confederate Memorial in front of the Chatham Co. courthouse in Pittsboro

Devil - The Devilís Tramping Ground

Tower - plume from the Shearon Harris nuclear plant within sight distance of Pittsboro

Judgment - the gravestone of Aunt Bea, in Siler City