The Hero With 78 Faces

Book Proposal by Melissa Michael

Lady Lorelei, CTM


Explanation of the complete 78 tarot archetypes with reference to Joseph Campbell’s

Hero with a Thousand Faces,

The Tarot Revelations,


Transformations of Myth Through Time.


Note: The major arcana of the tarot have been explained in this way by others, including Campbell himself, while the minor arcana have been ignored. This book is a much needed, requested, adn desired examination of the total tarot in the light of universal myth.


Possible illustration - The Sola Busca or Ancient Enlightened tarot has a very heroic basis and Lo Scarabeo has expressed interest in giving permission for this deck to be used to illustrate a book. Alternatively, the Waite deck or some other tarot deck, or any classical heroic or mythic art.