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I've been petsitting since the mid 90s and house cleaning nearly that long. I started out helping friends, but when my computer testing job went to India in 2003, I decided to do both professionally. I reside in the Silk Hope area of Siler City. A half hour commute puts me in Chapel Hill, Sanford, Asheboro, or Apex, so that's my service area. This includes Pittsboro, Hillsborough, and the Jordan Lake area.


Lots of satisfied customers have given me references, so I'm happy to provide their contact information. The rates listed above are preliminary. I'd like to come out and give you a free estimate based on your situation and the exact work you want done, and to have you fill out an intake sheet.


Petsitting - Standard rate $25 per visit, $50 overnight. This includes food, water, exercise for up to 4 pets, as well as basic household maintenance like checking the mail, watering the plants, and filling bird feeders.


Extra charges may apply for administering medication, a greater number of pets, pets that require special care and attention, extra household chores.


House Cleaning - Standard rate  is $25 per hour. A 2000 sq ft house takes about 2 hours for weekly dust, vac, mop, and bathrooms. The first visit is $100 for 4 hours.


Extra charges depend on the time it takes. More floor space, detailed cleaning, and houses with pets and children tend to take longer and cost more. I'm also available for yard work, painting, and other odd jobs. I'm happy to help with spring cleaning, attic cleaning, and any cleaning job.




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