Rescued Kitty Tarot

Proposal by Melissa Michael

Lady Lorelei, Certified Tarot Master

guesstimate 178 pages (100 text, 78 illustration)


Illustrations - 78 cards of rescued kittens and cats that exemplify the tarot archetypes


Part I Intro

What tarot is, what rescued cats are. How cats display tarot archetypes.


Part II The cards and cats

Each picture of the card is of a cat personifying the specific tarot energy. Text tells a little about that cat and its rescue and personality and describes the card meaning, reversed meaning, and a cat Haiku or bit of kitty wisdom.


Part III - Kitty Tarot Spreads

Example 1 - Follow the Sunny Warm Patch

Example 2 - Stretch Before you Get Up

Example 3 - Grab the Good Stuff Before Its All Gone

Example 4 - I Meant To Do That