How to Make Magick Tools

Book Proposal by Melissa Michael

Lady Lorelei, CTM


200 pages with illustrations

Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master projects for each magickal tool



The difference between magic and magick

First we ground, center, and cast a sacred circle of protection.

Then we ground center, and release the circle.

Be open to tools and materials coming to you - feathers, stones, berries, and even deer bones in the woods

Elemental Magick

Sympathetic Magick


Chapter 1

Why to make your own tools

this covers the ethics of magick and the reasons why it’s better to make your own tools instead of buying ready made. Even if you do buy ready made, you should at least decorate or mark the tool in some way to claim it and make it your own.


Chapter 2

Altar platen

Purpose -- creates and defines sacred space set aside for magickal ritual and spellcasting only. Creates a boundary between your daily life and duties, and your magickal spiritual self.

Apprentice project - paint a tile

Journeyman project - score copper foil

Master project - paint or embroider cloth



Chapter 3

Magickal Blades

Purpose -- The athame is all-purpose and if you are only going to have one blade, this is it. It can be sharp enough to actually cut like a boline and can define the boundary of the sacred circle like the sword, and make all ritual gestures, drawings, and symbolic cuts. Unless you are into metal working, this chapter is mostly about merely decorating a ready-made blade. It is of vital importance to find a blade that ‘feels’ right to you, that you like to look at and hold in your hand. Ordering from a catalog is risky. You can’t feel the balance or edge from a picture.

Apprentice project - Athame - decorate a dagger

Journeyman project - Boline - Sharpen a blade

Master project - Ritual Sword - Sew a scabbard


Chapter 4


Purpose --

Apprentice project - sparklers

Journeyman project -

Master project - Outdoor fire pit


Chapter 5

Magick Wand

Purpose --

Apprentice project - decorate a conductor’s baton

Journeyman project - carve your own piece of wood

Master project - fashion a glass or metal masterpiece


Chapter 6

Staffs, Staves, Batons, and

Purpose --

Apprentice project - Find a good walking stick

Journeyman project -

Master project -


Chapter 7


Purpose --

Apprentice project - scribe a small votive

Journeyman project - Decorate a container candle

Master project - Make your own Crockpot Candles


Chapter 8

Working with Herbs

Purpose --

Apprentice project - blend oils, powders for aromatherapy

Journeyman project - Make a punk with herbs from your garden

Master project - make an herbal elixir


Chapter 9

Other Altar Tools

Purpose --Three more tools you might like to create

Apprentice project - cure your cauldron - Again, unless you are an experienced metalworker, which I am not! you will buy a cast iron cauldron ready made.

Journeyman project - Besom -tie together fragrant pine boughs, or even rosemary and other herbs from your garden and use to cleanse your altar or magickal working space

Master project - Scrying Mirror


Chapter 10

Divination tools

Purpose -- There are thousands upon thousands of very useful, beautiful, wonderful divination tools on the market and I own many of them. But, none of them can access my own inner eye, my sense of intuition, my accumulated wisdom, like a divination tool that I created my very own self.

Apprentice project - pendulum

Journeyman project - runes

Master project - tarot deck


Chapter 11

Book of Shadows

Purpose -- This is your magickal grimoire, your record of spells and wisdom, your private magickal diary that chronicles your magickal journey. Some keep the BOS secret, some pass it along in coven, or down in their family.

Apprentice project - quill

Journeyman project - ink blend

Master project - Book binding



Chapter 12

Putting it all together

Purpose -- This can help you decide which tools you want to start with or concentrate on for a small basic altar, a purposive altar, or to make your entire home an altar.

Apprentice project - Basic small altar

Journeyman project - Elaborate, purposive altar

Master project - Making your home an altar


Chapter 13

Using Your Magickal Tools

Apprentice project - 5 minutes per day

Journeyman project - New/Full Moon

Master project - Change My Life