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Pick a  treasure box for your potion.

Pick a box, pick a potion, whether you want understated elegance for the office desk to hide your Skeedaddle potion, or a romantic red or pink box for Love Potion #69—the choice is yours.


Price with potion:











Natural Wood

Pastel color

Sea Shell  (not pictured)

Glass Red Heart

Star—plain or silver glitter


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Empowerment Potions


Potion Formulas

Are listed on the information sheet included with each potion. They are all charged with appropriate gem stones and tarot energies, during the most beneficial Sun/Moon phase.

Price: $10.00 with box

For 2 scoops, 50CC’s, or about 3 oz. by volume.


Love Potion #69

Feel the LOVE with a little sprinkle of sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, rose petals and buds, cardamom, basil, juniper, and rosemary. Charged with the energies or rose quartz, ruby, emerald, Cups tarot energies, and the F note crystal singing bowl.


Lucky 7 Prosperity Powder

Pictured below. Includes a genuine lucky penny charged by $100! Also allspice, clove, nutmeg, bergamot, chamomile, and a little green glitter for luck, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.


#Infinite Space Clear

Clear the air, your mind, and your spirit! Sprinkle this mixture of lotus petals, sea salt, jasmine flowers, and glitter around anywhere that needs clearing or freshening. Charged with the energies of the Sun, Moon, Star, and Earth as well as gem stones.


Happy #3 Sunshine Potion

Chase away the ‘blues’ with a little sunshine. Made with Daffodils, jasmine, and lemon balm; charged with ametrine, kyanite, calcite, and gypsum rose during the Equinox; this potion is sure to improve your attitude.


Skeedaddle #13 Protection

Mexican Catsclaw herb gives this potion the itch to get unwanted persons to leave! Also has wormwood for magickal potency, rue, sea salt, Dragon’s Blood resin, and more. Charged with jet  obsidian, black tourmaline, and genuine fossilized shark’s teeth!






Make a list of your Purchases and send an email to confirm availability and shipping cost  [email protected]


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