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Invocation Votives - Charged Spell Candles

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Rose Love Candle and Red Hot Sex Candle (charging with a Rose Quartz ) available singly here or together in the Heart on Fire Love boxed set





Invocation Votives

Magickally charged candles have extra shine and sparkle with the added touch of glitter. Each candle has been charged at the appropriate solar and lunar phase/time, in sacred space, with love and light; and also with the energy of corresponding gem stones. Each candle costs just $5.00 and each order includes one complimentary votive glass holder and an information sheet.


Use these pre-charged votives in your daily affirmation or ritual practice, or for special occasions like holidays or in special times of need.




Light Blue Healing Votive

Like the brilliant sky, light blue is a healing color. Light the candle and visualize the color filling you with each inhalation, and all toxic negativity leaving you on the exhalation. Part of the Healing Basket




Orange Sexual Health Votive

The sacral chakra is also called the sexual chakra because it governs the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs and lower back, as well as romantic loving relationships, and creativity. It’s color is orange






Pink Peace Votive

Bring peace into your life and a sense of inner peace into your heart with this soothing pink Peace Invocation Votive.






Royal Blue Expression


Purple Second Sight


Yellow Solar Positivity






Chakra Set

Order your chakra candles one by one separately, or get the complete set of 7 candles on this Indian brass try for only $40.00



Candles by Color and Purpose

White                      Crown, purify, cleanse, spirit

Purple                    Third Eye, head, psychic, perception, intuition

Royal Blue            Throat, expression, communication

Light Blue             Healing, relaxing, feeling good

Pink                       Love, heart, affection, or Peace

Green                      Heart, abundance, prosperity, luck

Yellow                    Solar, will, positivity, happiness, anti-depression

Orange                   Sexual, success, sexual relationship

Red                         Root, vitality, red hot sex –passion, survival






Make a list of your Purchases and send an email to confirm availability and shipping cost  [email protected]


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