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Title: Sooth the Savage Breast

Challenge: for the divine Scribbulus Inkís "I donít want to die a virgin."

Rated: NC17

Pairing: Hagrid/Grawp

WordCount: 398

Summary: During OotP, why did it take so long for Hagrid to get back from the Giants?

Warnings: half-brother incest

Disclaimer: Characters, hers. Prose, mine.

Comments: This turned out way shorter and less complicated than originally envisioned.



"I don't want to die a virgin!" Hagrid remembered his own angst filled cry from 40 or 50 some-odd years ago. The skin over his cheekbone finally gave way to the rock his face was pressed into. That small pain was nothing compared to the knifing pain rhythmically tearing at his anus. There was a desperate fumbling quality to Grawp's grunts and thrusts, that took Hagrid back all the long years to his own 'first time'. He tried, but it was too hard to hang on to the fond memory while Grawp's enormous staff bludgeoned his ass.


He doubted Grawp was an innocent to the ways men used men, but he had a clarity that Grawp had never been on top before. And, as he was experiencing first hand, being bottom to a giant was no stroll through the barnyard.


Hagrid tried to look to the future, to blur the present which found him pressed into dirt, leaves, and twigs by an implacable weight. This ought to calm Grawp. He'd be more cooperative, go in the direction Hagrid wanted him to, to Hogwarts.


Hogwarts. Hagrid held onto thatthought. He had a place at Hogwarts and Grawp could have a place there too. Once they got there, Hagrid could use herbs and magic to heal the worst of his wounds, dull the pain, without fear of signaling Deatheaters. He could hide Grawp in the Forbidden Forest, bring him food from the castle. He just had to get them there.


Grawps thrusts become erratic and deeper, more painful. His breathing seemed to stop, then blew out all at once in a great roar. Hagrid floated somewhere above the pain, and yet far below the immense weight crushing him. He was part of the life force of the earth, a key connection in the cycle of all life.


Yes, Grawp had taken him, forcibly, but Hagrid had also taken Grawp, deep inside himself. Not just physically, although certainly physically. Hagrid had taken everything, absolutely everything Grawp could give him, and in that act of taking, had ascended to a new level of awareness of his own value. He was the one who could take Grawp.


As Grawp's nonsense grunts turned to yawns, and the giant rolled away to snore gently enough to rattle stones and stir the trees, Hagrid knew beyond the shadow of any doubt that he was needed.






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