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 LJ Nevillosity Challenge #11: Neville in a rare pairing

Title: Solution

Pairing: NL/RH  (hello, that would be Rubeus Hagrid), mention of RH/OM

Rated: NC 17

WC:  3263

Notes: Neville is aggressive in this one, but damn, he’s such a woobie! Takes place in his 7th year.

Disclaimer: Characters hers, prose mine.



Neville had a problem.


It seemed grand last year. He’d grown  four inches over the summer and was bigger than any of the other boys in his class.

“Cool!” Ron said in the shower room.

“Brilliant!” echoed Harry.

But this year, his 7th riding the Hogwarts Express to return to school after another summer spent growing madly like the weeds he yanked and left to die in the burning sun, Neville wasn’t so sure. He’d grown another four inches and was now much bigger than . . . well he feared he was too big.

“Whoa!” Ron said in the shower.

“Scary!” echoed Harry. “Now we know why they call you Longbottom.”

“Better get some help with that magical creature.”

“Yeah, didn’t I read about the One-Eyed Trouser Basilisk in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?”

“Find ‘em in Neville’s pants!”

“Seriously mate, that’s a Hagrid- sized problem. He’ll know what to do.”

“Maybe Madame Maxime has a sister.”


Neville heeded his good friends’ advice, but not for the reasons they believed. While they were thinking of girls and talking about breasts, he alone sighed with desire for a firm broad chest on a big manly man. Muscles covered with coarse wiry hair filled his daydreams. Someone big enough, and strong enough to take him, all of him with joy and pleasure, instead of fear and pain.


Hagrid had a problem.


It seemed grand last year. Visiting France and preening under Olympe’s  appreciation of his vast knowledge and experience with magical beasts.

“Magnifique!” she sighed in his arms.

‘Yer perfect, m’darlin’” he echoed.

But this year, it was different. Oh, she was still as enthralled with his skills in beastmastery, but it took him a whole bloody week to figure out he’d lost the love of his life to that bloody shrimp bastard frog, always following her around. He’d made his excuses and left, then spent the rest of the summer home at Hogwarts deep in the bottom of a bottle of Ogden’s finest.

“The students have arrived,” snarled Snape.

“And we need our Magical Creatures Professor,” echoed the Headmaster.

“I have a potion for a giant of a hangover.”

“I’m sure Hagrid will find a smile for the students, as he always has.”


Hagrid heeded his good friends’ advice, but not for the reasons they believed. While they were thinking of imbuing young intellect with knowledge and wisdom, he alone sighed with desire for an equal, a mate. A knowing smile that saw beyond his size and strength to the gentle tender soul within, filled his daydreams. Someone sure enough, and passionate enough to take the lead, to tell him what to do so that he no longer had to figure it all out alone.


Like figuring out why Neville Longbottom of all people kept bringing him every bowtruckle with a bent leg, and every doxie with a torn wing. Why did the boy pester him so?


“All right, there, Neville?” He cheerfully greeted the young man, hiding his dark depressed thoughts. “Whad’ya bring fer me today, hm?”


“Nothing, sir. I thought you might like me to help degnome the garden.” Neville’s face was guarded but hopeful.


“Degnome the garden?” Hagrid frowned in suspicion. “Degnomin’ the garden’s work fer Filch and me. What’s  a nice young man like yerself doin’ skulkin’  ‘round the gardens when ye could be off wit’ yer freinds?”


Neville looked to the ground, afraid Hagrid would send him away. He didn’t know what to say. He was growing desperate. Just this morning a Hufflepuff girl offered him a sickle to see it.


“What? Did ya git in a fight with Harry and Ron?” Hagrid continued.


“No, no. Nothing like that.” Neville peered up at Hagrid from underneath soft curly brown lashes. “I - I have a problem.”


“Oh?” Hagrid relaxed his suspicion and perked up his interest. “Well, spill it then. Let’s see if we kin help yeh.”


“Uh,” Neville stammered. “I’d rather show you. Can we go to your hut?”


“Sure, Neville. A spot o’ tea ‘ll go down a treat, eh?” So saying, he turned and tromped off across the school’s vegetable gardens toward his hut with Neville in tow. Once inside he removed his overcoat and set about heating up water for tea. He regarded the young man standing nervously before him.  “Reckon I seen it all, Mr. Longbottom. Now what’s this problem o’ yers?”


“Well, Harry and Ron, told me you’d know what to do,” he sputtered out nervously.  Then, he abruptly unfastened his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Unaroused, his penis trailed nearly to his knee. He’d given up underwear as impossible.


Hagrid blinked.


Neville watched his face in trepidation.


Finally Hagrid let out the breath he wasn’t aware of holding. “That’s - that’s no problem, there Neville. That there’s a blessin’!”


“But it’s too big,” he whined. “The boys all make fun, and the girls all giggle.”


“Er, uh, pull yer trousers up,” Hagrid said, valiantly trying to keep his eyes from crossing and his breath from panting. Once the young man complied, he could think again. And the seriousness came home to him. How well he knew the problems Neville faced. “They want ter see, but they don’t want ter touch, am I right?”


“Yes,” Neville nodded emphatically. “I’m a freak! Not boyfriend material.”


“Well it’s not the end of the world, ya know. The right woman’s out there waiting fer ya.”




“What’s that?”


“I don’t like women. I like blokes. And no blokes gonna want that shoved up his ass,” he ended bitterly gesturing toward his crotch.


“I do!” Hagrid  exclaimed. Then he met Neville’s eyes in horror. “I should not have said that. I didn’t say that. You didn’t hear that. “


“Oh yes, I did,” Neville took a step toward his Professor. A predatory smile lit his face, erasing the nerves and anxiety like they’d never been. “I’ve heard some things about you, Hagrid. I heard it didn’t work out with the Madam. And I heard you like blokes better anyway.” He took another step and closed the distance between them. Looking up, he met Hagrid’s eyes and grinned. “You’ve got something I want Hagrid. The only question is: Will you give it to me?”


“Now, now, now, there Mr. Longbottom. Ha ha, laugh’s on me and all that. Tell all yer friends how yer got one over on old Hagrid. Best be on yer way. Ulp.” He’d stepped back and run into the wall.


“Oh, I do want to get one over on you, Hagrid. Been dreamin’ on it for months.” Neville’s voice went breathy. He took a step and closed the distance between them again. He dared to reach out and place a hand on Hagrid’s chest. The warmth radiating out of that massive chest, even through the rough cloth of his shirt, warmed and soothed his hand with a heat he’d never known he was missing, but suddenly craved. He felt the great heart pounding as though for release. “Tell me yes, Hagrid.”


The half-giant couldn’t believe his ears. He couldn’t believe what he’d let slip out of his own mouth. He couldn’t believe that Neville, a student! was --oh--and he couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have that hand gently petting his chest. Before reason left him totally he stammered, “Neville, we can’t be carrying on like this. Tain’t proper. Yer a student. Oh!” Reason be damned, as Neville ground that 12 inch and suddenly rock hard cock into his thigh. “Oh Merlin’s hairy balls, boy.” He swept Neville up into a hug that brought their lips together. His hands came together under Neville’s ass, and Neville’s legs went round his waist pushing Neville’s wonderful cock into his stomach.


Dry chapped lips bordered in coarse hair met soft moist lips, and yet it was the softer lips that were insistent, that pushed then tugged, that slipped in a questing tongue. And Hagrid answered that silent plea, opening his mouth and surrendering his will to this hungry assault. Gods, but all he ever wanted was to be wanted like this. Taken for nothing more or less than what he was. Just desired. He massaged the fine flesh resting in his hands.  He adored the tongue swirling wickedly with his own. He thrilled to the body held against his, the warmth between them rising till it seemed steam must fill the room.


At last, he had to breathe. The lips broke apart and it was as though reason, thought, and intellect rushed in to fill the gap. Hagrid suddenly realized where he was, what he was doing, and who he was doing it to. Gently, he lowered his student to the floor. He shook his head as Neville resisted and looked at him in question.


“It can’t be, Neville. It just can’t be.”


“Yes, it can!” Neville hissed, reaching for him again, filled with a haze of passion, hormones, desire, all in a swirl of flames engulfing his body and mind.


But Hagrid caught his hands. “Dumbledore’d have no choice but to sack me, and I’d agree with him!”


“I won’t tell! No one has to know. I’m 17. I’m not a child.”


“Yer most certainly a man, Mr. Longbottom. But we can’t do this. Merlin knows I want to. I can’t lie to yeh; yeh got just exactly what I bin wantin’, but yer my student and I don’t carry on with my students. And that’s final.”


Neville slumped into the chair in defeat, panting heavily, blinking back tears of frustration.


“Here now, have some tea.”  Hagrid offered one of his oversized cups.


Neville held it in both hands, wishing fervently that he still held Hagrid in his hands. So close. He’d been so close to getting what he dreamed of.


“We kin still be friends now, can’t we?” Hagrid seemed to be trying to salvage the situation. “We kin talk about whatever yeh want.”


“Yeah, like what lube you prefer?” Neville said bitterly.


Hagrid choked on his tea and stopped himself from responding, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from cutting to the tub by his bed.


Neville followed his gaze and the smile returned to his face. In fact, even the predatory gleam returned as he contemplated how to trip his teacher up such that he landed face down, naked bum in the air. He set the teacup down and fairly pounced over to the tub. “Zonko’s Almond Slippery Stuff,” he read aloud. He unscrewed the lid. “Mm! Smells good.” He looked over to where Hagrid still held a forgotten teacup. “What does it taste like?”


CRASH! The teacup hit the floor and shattered.


Hagrid closed his mouth.


Neville laid the tub on the bed and stepped toward the stunned giant. He climbed up on the chair and turned Hagrid’s head to face him so that they were at eye level. Fingers running through the curls of his beard, Neville leaned in to give him a soft chaste kiss.  “Hagrid,” he whispered against Hagrid’s lips, “I have got to have you.” Kiss. “I need you.” Kiss. “No one else can take all of me,” kiss, “like you can.” Kiss. “I know you can.” Kiss. “Please.” There was a delicate tremor in both his words and in his lips as they began mapping the half-giant’s generous features, placing gentle tender kisses over his cheeks, his nose, his eyes.


Neville let his hands stroke down Hagrid’s beard, across his shoulders, and down his arms, to return up again along his chest. He quickly began unfastening the buttons of Hagrid’s flannel shirt when he got a response. Hagrid’s arms surrounded him and he began kissing back, nibbling at Neville’s lips, bumping their noses, smiling and humming.


Something turned in Hagrid’s heart. He knew, oh how well he knew, how it was to be so big that you scared away any interested lover. How even friends stammered in discomfort if you got too close, afraid you wanted something they weren’t willing to give. He knew what it was to just want to be touched and loved, if only for a little while, if only in secret. His time with Olympe had been a miracle, and now he was back on his own again, with no one, and no prospects. What Neville wanted was only natural, after all. It was what any young critter needed in season, and for young male wizards the season lasted a good many years, even longer for giants.


“Eh, what the hell,” Hagrid murmured as he drew away and started pulling the curtains over his windows. “Rogerin’ yer seventh years is standard practice at this school! Practically required!” The crossbar clanked as he dropped it into place across the door. He turned back to Neville and pointed to his bed.


Neville could hardly believe his ears or eyes. Happiness crashed over him as he jumped on the bed and started tearing at his clothes. Hagrid sedately sat beside him and struggled with his own boots. Soon they were both fully disrobed and gazing at each other, a brief pause before the storm swept them away. And then they were touching and kissing. Groping, sliding skin on skin. Neville thrilled to the feel of the rough hairs and smooth long muscles under his fingers. Hagrid trembled in ecstasy at the feel of the long delicate limbs under his hands. They lay side by side where they had fallen until Hagrid rolled back, pulling Neville on top of him. Both gasped as their cocks touched. Neville’s hips began working, grinding his flesh into Hagrid’s. He couldn’t stop the primal urge. Hagrid’s hand found his ass and pushed him down, holding him steady and further increasing the pressure between their cocks. Then Hagrid realized what he was doing and moved his hand slowly up Neville’s back while he stopped meeting his thrusts, and pulled back to whisper calming words. “Easy now. We got all night.”


Panting heavily, Neville thought his heart would burst it was pounding so hard. All thoughts had left his brain and gone galloping into his cock. He relaxed against Hagrid’s torso and caught his breath.


“Yeh know how ter git me ready?” Hagrid called softly.


Neville opened his eyes and saw the tub of Zonko’s lube. “Yeah, I read about it. You tell me if I’m doing anything wrong.” It seemed half the herbals in the library concerned sex cures or sex aids. He was so ready for this he could weep in relief.


When Neville leaned over to grab the tub, Hagrid rolled away. That was fine with Neville. Either position, hell. any position. Anything. He wanted to sink his cock into something! And right now! His hands shook with suppressed passion as he carefully slicked his fingers. He knelt between Hagrid’s outstretched legs and gazed at the huge mound of ass facing him. This was the moment of truth, he knew. The point of no return. He bent down and placed a worshipful kiss on the peak of one cheek, then let his fingers find their destiny.


“Oh gods, that’s wonnerful.” Hagrid moaned as Neville entered him with two digits. “Jus’ like that. Jus’ like that.” He veritably purred.


Neville pulled and poked and stretched at the opening with the one hand while lubricating himself with the other. Hagrid’s opening was assuredly much bigger than his own, but still the sphincter was meant to be fully and tightly closed. He took his time relaxing it open, and Hagrid obviously enjoyed the process. Soon he was panting with a need that matched Neville’s own.


“Ready?” Neville asked in a weak shaky voice.


“Gods yes, boy, Git it in me.”


And Neville did. He cried out as the head of his cock pushed past the tight ring and that tight ring of muscle continued squeezing every long inch of him as it slid past and into his lover.


Hagrid gasped and groaned and mumbled, “gods, yes!” over and over.


Finally, Neville had plumbed to his depth. He let himself collapse over Hagrid’s back. Tears leaked from his eyes at the sensation. He felt whole. He felt that he was where he belonged. And when he started moving, he knew he was exactly where he belonged.


“Hagrid,” he panted, thrusting evenly. “This is bloody brilliant.”


A snorted chuckle came in answer. “Right you are.” Then Hagrid returned to moans and gasps. Being well and truly fucked for the first time in his long life sent bursts of pleasure throughout his body, even out to make his fingers and toes tingle. He snaked his own hand beneath himself and wrapped it around the head of his cock when he felt Neville’s rhythm change and become more urgent.


Harder and deeper, Neville couldn’t get enough of the ass beneath him. He gripped Hagrid’s hips and drove himself in again and again with all the strength he could muster, straining toward . . . something. He didn’t know quite what it was, all he knew was that he had to have it. He’d kill to get it. He’d die to get it. Then suddenly it was upon him and he screamed out Hagrid’s name like a lost soul that has found redemption. Dimly, he heard his own name in a far away hoarse shout.


Nothing. This was nothing like wanking in the shower. Neville came back to himself, collapsed and panting over Hagrid’s massive back. “Love you,” he murmured kissing a trail over and around every inch of firm flesh that met his lips. “Want you forever.”


Hagrid let out a happy sigh in answer. He rolled out from under the boy and gathered him in his great arms. “Don’ care ‘bout forever,” he mumbled against a fresh-skinned smooth neck. “Jus’ want yeh now.” He knew it wouldn’t last. It couldn’t. Neville would graduate and get on with his life. A life far away from Hogwarts and Hogwarts’ Care of Magical Creatures Professor. And in the short term, Neville would gain in confidence and most likely find a nice bloke more his own age and experience and they’d work out the size thing betwixed them. But for now, he held Neville in his arms, and he knew that in a few minutes he’d have Neville inside him again. Life wasn’t perfect. But it was perfect at times. And Hagrid had no time to waste on might have beens, or should have dones.


For now, Hagrid had a solution. His heart eased as the pain of Olympe’s rejection receded. He no longer doubted that he was worthy of love, that he was attractive, that he was a person of desire and passion who was able to meet the desires and passions of a lover.


Neville sank then surfaced in a sea of gentle strokes and intimate touches. Never in his wildest imagining, his deepest daydream, had he conceived of how comforting and at the same time how thrilling the touch of a lover could be. Oh how he treasured this new found wealth. Soon he was swimming with sure strokes of his own, answering each questing touch with a gentle caress.


For now, Neville had a solution. His heart eased as the pain of his classmates’ teasing receded. He no longer doubted that he had a future filled with love and life. Laughter bubbled up from somewhere deep within, where it had been repressed by angst and worry.


Hagrid paused in his ceaseless swirling strokes to meet his eyes.


“Problem solved,” they both stated then hugged each other tight.






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