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LJ Nevillosity Challenge #11: Neville in a rare pairing

Evil  evil plot bunny! This is what comes of too much serious plot work on collabs like sorting_hat and Avada Collabra!

Title: And then there were three

Pairing: NL/RH/AF

Rated: NC 17

WC:  575



Rubeus gasped as the second pair of hands curled around his cock. Cool slender fingers matched and crossed warm thick counterparts.  He sprawled across his bed on his back. “Merlin’s hairy balls, that’s sweet, that is,” he sighed in his rough half-giant voice.


“Always does the trick, dunnit?” Argus winked at Neville then leaned forward to catch his lips in a kiss.


Neville smiled as he returned the kiss, but then caught Argus’ lips lightly between his teeth, his hands matching Argus rhythm on the magnificent shlong they both held. “Think he’s ready?” Neville’s breathy tenor played a high counterpoint to the basso moans beneath him.


“I am!” Argus declared pulling away to lean over and slap Hagrid’s ass, or what he could reach of it. “Ya ready, ya great beast?” Then, to Neville, “Which end you want?”


Below them, inarticulate moans interspersed with harsh deep pleas of, “Yes!” “Want you!” “In me now!”


Light brown eyes and light pink lips both narrowed in lusty intent. “I want to fuck his mouth.”


Argus chuckled as he situated himself between Rubeus’ great tree trunk legs. He leaned over to pull up the knee. Rubeus obligingly bent his leg so that Argus could lean down and lick under the huge melonlike balls.


“Oh please,” he moaned until Neville sat on his face and he eagerly gulped down Neville’s red throbbing cock, sucking and slurping like a favorite lolly. Neville gasped and shuddered at the sensation, then, when he was able, laid down Rubeus’ stomach. He could jus reach the tip of the great penis with his lips and tongue. And he could easily reach it with both hands which proceeded to wrench and squeeze and pull the great tool, wringing sighs and groans from the huge body beneath him that thrummed back long his own cock.


Argus easily pushed into Rubeus’ entrance, “Cor, but that’s the ticket, my pet! That’s the ticket.” He settled into a thrusting rhythm and wrapped his thick fingers around Rubeus’ shaft again, then held on tight as he and Neville both were lifted and shaken by the warm expanse writhing beneath them.


Neville met Argus eyes. He thrust hard and deep. He clenched his fingers, nails cutting into Rubeus’ cock like daggers.


Argus’ eyes closed as he reared back for a final thrust into that warm tightness. His calloused hands formed a tight ring around the base of the giant shaft he held.


Rubeus gazed at the lovely ass in front of his eyes until his eyes crossed at the sensation of twenty fingers digging into his cock while two cocks pounded him for all he was worth.


Neville nearly drowned as the first load hit him in the nose. He turned his head and caught the rest on his shoulder, a good deal splashing into his ear. Argus slumped on top of him and they all let themselves go boneless for a good while, sighing, stretching, placing tender affectionate kisses on whatever body part of whichever body found their lips as they slowly collected themselves and arranged themselves alongside each other in the bed.


“Oh shite,” Neville suddenly groaned in the peaceful dazed quiet of Rubeus’ hut. “I’ve got rounds tonight.”


“Yesssss,” Argus hissed. “Mrs. Norris will be awaitin’ for me too.”


“Until next Friday, then?” Rubeus called from the bed as the others dressed and moved toward the door.


“Right, Professor.”




“G’night, Professors,” Rubeus’ sleepy voice followed them out.








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