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Title Chapter: 4 Distant Thunder

Title Series:  Enemy Mine

Word Count: 641

Author: Lady Lorelei the Tarot Goddess [email protected]

Episode Theme Music: No Leaf Clover by Metallica

Viggorli Subgenre:  science fiction/space opera

Rating Chapter: G

Rating Series: NC17

Warning: angst

Disclaimer: I thank Viggo and Orlando for making the world a better place.

Summary: Two very strong men, emotionally scarred, thrown together by circumstance are unable to deny the fascination and attraction between them.

Feedback: will sustain me and encourage continuation of the series. Also, if the prose is too techno, I'll be happy to add a glossary. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and praise dearly craved.

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Enemy Mine  4) Distant Thunder


Says it feels right this time
Turn around, found new high lights
Good day to be alive Sir
Good day to be alive, he said.....

                                      ~~~ No Leaf Clover by Metallica



swept out of the slave's quarters with a satisfied smirk. "I've had my apeterif, Smedding. Bring  a supper tray."

The butler left with a dignified nod.

Orlando took a deep breathe before sitting back down to his workstation and diving into

the red flag messages. His lips thinned seeing their number up to 137. His eyes widened after reading the first. Quickly scanning the next he stared at the monitor in shock. A brief gasp, and his fingers fairly flew across the input pad.


Code 521-TBF1

Query: Cherricado market quote, recent 5 days

query: Met Chem market quote, recent 5 days


Horror squirted adrenalin through his system as he realized the magnitude of the disaster among the orchards, all the orchards across the planet. The market price per ton of cherricados was through the roof and that per share of the insecticide company was simply gone.



Status orchards 0 through 26?

Inventory insecticide?

Urgent!!! duty operator - Have all fields been covered with netting yet?

Status insecticide schedule

Status irrigation schedule

Status fertilizer schedule

Status herbicide schedule


Orlando failed to notice Smedding with the supper tray as he sent out queries and search robots to try and discover why the yearly influx of bugs was taking down so many fruit trees so quickly. The answers that trickled in were astonishing and not at all reassuring. He spent hours issuing instructions and then checking to make sure they were followed. Test plots were set up on the worst damaged trees. These were double, triple, and quadruple dosed with the standard insecticides while they waited for more powerful, more toxic, chemicals to arrive.


With the arrival of the sun, Orlando reached a decision. “Smedding, prepare the  Lamb’ and have the new slave brought to me.”  He showered and dressed and strolled to the vehicle park. This was no time to dwell on personal pleasure, the survival of the orchards and the financial stability of House Bloom that depended on them were in grave danger.


Still, his breath caught when Viggo offered a shy smile. Orlando took his hand and gazed deeply into his blue-green eyes. They sparkled with such intensity. How he regretted what he must do.


“I am sorry that I must  . . . I thought I had all the time in the world to show you . .  to teach you . . .  but that time is gone. There's been a disaster that will require my efforts throughout the harvest.”


Orlando felt a tightening in his chest, just under his left pectoral, as he watched Viggo try to understand. “Left to your own devices, it wouldn’t be good for you. It's not what I wanted." He moved his hand slowly toward the belt switch, already programmed with Viggo's link. "Not what I wanted at all."


He watched Viggo’s realization turn to horrified panic then turn to emotionless dullness.


"Smedding, here will install my own programs. They are lighter and more flexible than the market mods. Small consolation . . ."


He turned toward his butler. “Run programs 1, 3, and 5 but not 2 or 4.” 1 was general slave knowledge, 3 was specific to House Bloom and all it's estates, 5 was the financial affairs and business management of the cherricado orchards and other holdings.  2 was basic submissive personality modification and 4 was extensive personality mod reserved only for hopeless cases that would never be taken off the chip.


Orlando forced himself to meet Viggo’s eyes. Instead of the hurt betrayal, he saw something else. Concern, compassion? Regret? No, it must be his imagination. The man utterly hated his guts, was his sworn enemy.


He turned and entered the flitter and so missed Viggo’s eyes as they followed him, then the flitter, until it could be seen no more.






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