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Be Here Now

113 Words for the

Challenge: September 1, 1981: Snape's first day of teaching.



Severus sat quietly at his raised desk at the back of the classroom, placed so that he faced the door. He never sat in a room unless he faced the door or could see all possible entrances.


Dear Hecate how . . . ? How am I to teach potions to children?


His memory floated back to a touch, a smile, awarded him while he bent sweating over a difficult deathly potion. Something that killed very quickly yet could not be detected by taste, scent, color, or magical means. You're so very talented, Severus.


"Good Morning, Professor Snape."


Severus' eyes snapped to the small child entering the room. "Good morning," he replied.


Last Chance

Challenge #20: Snape's last day of teaching.

Title: Last Chance

Author: Lady Lorelei the tarotgoddess

Wordcount: 169 isn't that a nice number? tee-hee


challenge from cruciatus_bitch I challenge YOU too a 100 drabble on snape's response


"Lay aside your quills and bring your parchments here." Snape breathed a melancholy sigh. The last period on his last day came to a close. "Thank you for a memorable experience. Class is dismissed. Potter, a word."


The Potter brat slowly wiped his quill and stowed it away in his bag while the other students filed out with many a, "Good-bye, Professor." When the last was gone, Harry came forward and stood regarding him.


"The Dark Lord is dead and I am retiring . . . am in fact, retired, as of this instant," Snape began, looking above and beyond the Potter brat. "So now I am free to relieve your curiosity about so many things in the past, about why your father and his friends were such . . ."


"I know." Green eyes were suddenly close and closing. "You were lovers."


Snape felt a frown crease his brow. What? The Potter brat grown perceptive?


Green eyes were too suddenly too close.


"And now I want to be lovers."



Snape felt himself freeze. He stopped breathing. He stopped thinking. He only felt. . .his calm resolve shatter. He'd had such plans and dreams for this moment, this moment when he would reveal the truth at last, and watch the spoiled pampered pet crumble in horror. But he wasn't horrified at all. He was moving even closer.


Just as suddenly, Snape unfroze, although he most definitely did not thaw. He reached a hand out to stop the boy, er, young man, from invading his personal space any more thoroughly, though his finely attuned potions nose drew in a clean breath of the young man's scent.


"I will not be mocked!" Snape threatened in a low growl.


"I want you," Potter whispered, earnest green eyes boring through his soul.



Holy Potion


Challenge #21: "What we're missing: show a quality (characteristic, idiosyncrasy, facet, you get the idea) of Snape's that we haven't seen before. And not just haven't seen before, really haven't seen before [in canon]. Avoidance of fandom cliche would be nice."


Severus Snape hurriedly filled the cauldron and unbuttoned his top three buttons. Gabriel's great great grandson would arrive soon.


He loosened his shirt so that this stiff white collar showed, then grasped the crucial ingredient. It was a quick easy potion he was about to concoct for the muggle. There were even muggles who could do it, but his ancestor had promised Gabriel. And every potion benefited from a wizard's touch, especially if that wizard happened to be the greatest potions master alive, Snape thought with a sardonic sneer.


He dipped the crucifix into the water and began the incantation, "Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo, et mundabor . . ."




Challenge #21: "What we're missing: show a quality of Snape's that we haven't seen before. And not just haven't seen before, really haven't seen before."



"I have no genitalia."

Remus Lupin giggled helplessly at Snape's little joke. They'd ended up down in the dungeon's, in Snape's quarters in fact, long after the victory celebrations and Halloween costume party were over.

"You're not making sense," Lupin slurred. "Here, hold Mini-Me while I get rid of this god-awful jacket." He turned looking for a chair to hang the Austin Powers jacket on, but finding nothing convenient to his drunken gaze, let it drop to the floor. "I've got say, Severus -" he began, about to repeat for the 83rd time how much he liked Severus in purple hair, but the sight that greeted him stopped him cold.

"Now you know why I had no friends, even in Slytherin," Snape said with a forced smile.







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