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Tarot Life Planner

In bookstores December 2004

The Tarot Life Planner: A unique way to access the ancient wisdom of the tarot
by Lady Lorelei, Certified Tarot Master
published by Hamlyn UK, illustrated with the Classic Tarot by permission of Lo Scarabeo, Italy.

Part I - What is the Tarot?

Chapter 1 - What tarot is and how it works
General explanation/introduction to the tarot, explaining what it is, how it developed, and what it can be used for. i.e. 78 archetypes revealed by a system of symbols/major and minor arcana/etc. What the cards actually represent are universal truths - or the story of Everyman. Traditionally the tarot has been used for divination, but recently it has become recognized as a powerful tool for personal development and healing. This book will look at all of these elements.

Chapter 2 - Tarot Archetypes - The Major Arcana
These two chapters have an illustration for each card and a page of descriptive text including a modern real-life example of the card’s meaning.
The illustrations may be simple line drawings for the majors and plain symbols for the minors, like one cup, two cups, three cups, etc. This would make the interpretations more universal to all tarot decks, rather than being limited by the art of one deck.

The real purpose of tarot is the mystical journey of self-discovery, the path which takes you from the stumbling Fool, through the wise Hermit, finally to the wholeness of the World. This chapter takes you through the journey and gives you a unique understanding of the psychology of the tarot, allowing you to access the meaning of the cards at a deeper level. Take this journey of self-discovery. See the art and beauty of your life.

Chapter 3 - The Minor Arcana
Section 1 - Pips or Numbered Cards
Section 2 - Court Cards

Part II - Using the Tarot for Positive Change

The sections and examples in this part would include the technique of choosing the proper language for the question as well as the ethics in choosing a question. And give examples of how to interpret, understand and use the answers given by the tarot.

Chapter 4: Your present and future life
Using the tarot to reflect and examine your place in the world now, and in the future, should you continue along this path. Your inner self and the self you project to the world. The people you surround yourself with - are they help or hindrance? The directions you are taking - will they lead to happiness, heartbreak or emptiness? Thoroughly understand where you are now and where you are headed, before you decide to make change.
Section 1: Your life now - the cards reflect the life you are currently choosing to live
Section 2: Your future - the journey you have chosen to make, and where it will lead you.

Chapter 5 - Changing your physical reality
Using the tarot to manifest what you need on a physical level.
Section 1 - Personal manifestation - Manifest prosperity on the job and abundance in your life
Section 2 - Choices - career, house, lifestyle
Section 3 - Open yourself to love.

Chapter 6 - Harnessing the power of the mind
Using the tarot to access the power of the mind and use it for change, healing and inner strength.
Section 1 - Revealing the inner self - Learn the lesson of each card.
Section 2 - Affirmation - a powerful tool for change
Section 3 - Healing - Understanding your illness and its causes. Mind over Matter in treatment. Create or manifest a more favorable prognosis.

Chapter 7 - Freeing the Spirit
Using the tarot to unlock the secrets of the universe and find true peace.
Section 1 - Meditation - See beyond the Veil.
Waite considered the divination use of tarot to be a veil that hid the true meaning and use of the tarot. In meditation, we go beyond the descriptive definitions of the meanings of the symbols. We aren’t trying to accomplish any one goal. We light a candle and simply stare at the card and open ourselves to the Mystery. It takes time and practice to let go of desire and the intellect and dive inward deep into the divine well of eternal knowledge. Sometimes the meditation reveals deeper meanings going back to childhood associations with the symbols, sometimes we are given access to the Akashic records of all knowledge, and sometimes we receive information or tasks in regard to our life purpose, the meaning of life, or our eternal identity. This is similar to scrying and can be done with or without asking a definite question.

Section 2 - Worship - Deity decks and their uses.
Most decks have religious or divine symbolism such as the archangels in the Waite deck, the Buddha in the Zerner-Farber deck, Jesus’ life in the Master deck, or the ancient goddesses in the Goddess deck, So you have so many pictures or icons of Deities to work with. Using the card as a picture you can frame it or keep it loose and make it the center piece of an altar where you offer incense every day. Using a picture helps keep your sense of sight involved in the spiritual act or prayer and worship. And using a tarot card keeps your mind fully engaged because of all the meanings and mindfulness you have attached to the particular card whether it has a picture of a definite Deity or is just the symbol of an ideal that you hold dear.

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