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“Gypsy Fortunes” is a complete 36 card deck with accompanying book that gives a detailed description of the card art and symbology, meaning, reversed meaning, Daily Challenge, and Gypsy Wisdom for each card. You will learn basic 1, 2, and 3 card reading techniques. The book is lavishly and gorgeously illustrated to facilitate thoroughly mastering the deck. The 36 cards are associated with the 78 cards of the tarot deck. This is a reprint of The Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards from 1940. You can view both decks and compare the similarities in the artwork. The spirit of the 1940 deck is intact. Changes were very carefully considered. Like, there is no Death card, so I requested that a faint skeleton be added to the Broken Mirror card.

This is a very easy, happy, light deck to read with. It does have darker cards like the Lightning, The Snake, the Mice, and so on. But the simplicity of the easily-accessible images retain it’s bygone era charm, while being perfectly applicable to modern tarot readings. I included Key Indications from the original 1940 booklet, but I don’t use them in an actual reading. My tarot reading friends have told me how accurate and powerful this deck is. I’ve done several hundred readings with it and love it!

Introduction to Gypsy Fortunes

Gypsy Fortunes has an intriguing and unique history and a simple and beautiful design that increases its fortune telling power since it is not restricted by the repetition of images, names, and numbers. Each card is a powerful talisman of knowledge, a key to wisdom, and a world of meditation.

What's unique about this beginner's book is its freedom from ridiculous invented rules. If it doesn’t sound right to you, throw it out! Adjust it or make up your own meaning. These are your cards and divination or card reading comes from the heart, not the head. My card descriptions, meanings, and definitions are one possible way to look at the cards. The card layouts are one possible way to read the cards. These are not The Way, they are a way. Like the gypsy in your soul, you will find your own way of reading with these cards.

Yes/No readings are presented specifically because you will rarely find a modern tarot reader who will do them. They are deemed by many professional readers to be too hard, worthless, or even impossible. You also wont' often find one card readings in a professional reader's repertoire. Yet they are so often quick, easy, and immanently useful. In addition to lists of questions and layouts, this book shows you how to design your own readings from scratch.

My earnest desire is that this book and deck will encourage you to do readings for yourself and others, to develop your own reading style and spreads, and to find and trust your inner gypsy.

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