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A Gypsy Meditation

The Whitman Deck

Mademoiselle Lenormand

Reading for re-election of George W. Bush

Reading Techniques

The Whitman Deck

This deck is a recreation of the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards printed by Whitman Publishers in 1940 and inspired by the 36 card deck created by Mademoiselle Le Normand in the1800s; and to tarot cards and card reading or cartomancy. We present the original Whitman card description as the Key Indication, and then discuss the symbolism of the card’s picture in the context of today’s modern world, and explain several interpretations of the card as it appears in a divinatory reading. Every card in this deck challenges us in some way, and these Challenges comprise a resource of 36 possible questions to consider and meditate on for personal growth and wisdom development. We’ll also mention the correspondence to the 78 tarot archetypes, and discuss a variation in meaning should the card appear upside down or reversed. Then we will examine several types of card readings in detail.

My mother grew up with the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards in the 1940s, a time when gypsies were regarded as little more than circus con artists and fortune telling was a naughty rebellion against the authority of parents and the hometown church, clutched at in desperation when finances and romance went sour. Now cultural anthropologists are frantic to observe and document the nomadic race of the Rom and its cultural traditions and history before it is made extinct by absorption into the modern global melting pot. Fortune telling or future telling has evolved into tarot reading and consultation and has become a recognized and respected profession. With the close of the second millennium fortune telling cards became a useful self-help tool for introspection, self-discovery, and meditation. Now, at the beginning of the third millennia, the use of divination decks is evolving into a tool for critical thinking and decision making when we are bombarded by myriad valid choices and the possible options seem endless.

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