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A Gypsy Meditation

Imagine that all your worldly possessions, as well as all those of your immediate family, fit into a horse drawn wagon. Imagine that you made your living as a horse trader, a copper smith, or a musician traveling from town to city to village across the country. Imagine the vast difference in your perception of the world around you. Oncoming weather, the length of daylight and moonlight, and your ability to judge the character and honor of a stranger would be of vital importance in your everyday life. The hardship of life on the road and the myriad sights seen would give you wisdom and perception beyond your years. And yet certain truths would reveal themselves again and again, in vastly different times and places, among different groups of people. The Gypsy Fortunes cards are a record of these archetypes, these universal keys to the truths known by all who choose to observe them.

Have you ever once walked through a place that you have driven by many times? Isn’t the level of detail greatly enhanced and doesn’t it seem like you missed a whole lot while whizzing by in a car? Imagine how much detail you would notice if every day were lived at this walking pace. This enhanced level of perception is the way of the gypsy, or Rom, as they call themselves. Life is something lived and experienced fully at every moment, not just on weekends from the comfort of an easy chair. Perception is ‘seeing’ with all the senses, including intuition; smelling danger, feeling the weather in your bones, tasting the mind of the cook in one’s food. The performance of physical austerities as are required by life on the road liberates the mind and consciousness and allows greater and more subtle perception. Life on the open road with no plans and no home is liberating in every sense of the word.

It’s no wonder that in these hectic, crazy, high speed times more and more people seek the advice and wisdom of the fortune teller, the psychic, and the card reader; the person who has slowed down and taken the time to truly
understand herself and the world in which she lives. This book is an opportunity for you to learn the gentle art of divination as practiced and taught by the gypsies, the Rom, for thousands of years.

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