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Reading for re-election of George W. Bush

Reading Techniques

Reading Techniques

When working with more than one card, you can derive further meaning from how the cards fit and work together, their similarities and differences. This is called significance in cartomancy. In this layout, we see the number 3 repeated in all three cards. And the number 3 position is filled by the number 3 card in the deck. If it was possible, I would say that this indicated President Bush might serve three terms! Further, 3 x 13 = 39 and 3 + 36 = 39. Numerologists might make something of that. In card reading, the first ten numbers are given special significance and assigned qualities. One is very much alone and therefore unencumbered. It is first and therefore signifies a start. Two is partnered, paired. It can be a fragile balance and often indicates opposites. Three means community, as when two add a child or a friend, or reach out to the larger community of humanity in some way. Four is a squared balance, much more stable and complete than two. And so on. Here we see 3 so many times in the spread that it makes me look beyond our two party system and two term president. Maybe there is hope for some third party in the election, not to win, but to gain recognition. Maybe the American community will support Bush wholeheartedly.

Please bear in mind in this and all card readings, that the interpretation is valid for this moment in time. At the moment the cards are drawn, they reflect the energies and likelihoods of the past, present, and future. But the future is changeable, the past is subject to hindsight and rewriting, and the present is fleeting. People have free will and they change their minds. So any prediction is subject to change as time goes on.

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