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Reading for re-election of George W. Bush

Reading Techniques

Reading for re-election of George W. Bush

3 Card Yes/No Question:
Will George W. Bush serve a second term?

Cards Drawn:
1 - 36 The Safe - prosperity
2 - 13 The Letter - news
3 - 3 The House - permanence

Method 1
Decide the positive or negative value that you feel about the cards and total them. For me, the Safe and the House are strong symbols of prosperity, safety, and comfort, so they are both Yes, The Letter is a Maybe card. We don’t know what is in the letter that she reads so intently. It could be good or bad. So two Yes and one Maybe indicate that most likely George W. Bush will serve a second term.

As to why he will serve a second term, it’s like money in the bank according to the Safe. In these uncertain stressful times of armed conflict and economic instability the tendency is to stick with a leader, any leader. When all the changes seem bad, the safest choice is no change. The House seems to say that he is in the White House to stay. There may also be some influence of the House of Representatives and certainly, that House determines the number of votes per state in the Electoral College, which is the body that elects the president. Perhaps the will of the House will help him serve a second term. The Letter card tells me to watch for interesting news as the election approaches.

Method 2
Another way to interpret this spread is to assign the positions the values of Yes, No, and Maybe.
Yes he will - 36 The Safe
No he won’t - 13 The Letter
Maybe he will - 3 The House

With the actual Yes/No answer inherit in the spread positions, we no longer use the positivity and negativity of the cards as the determining factor. Still, the position of Yes he will serve a second term, is a very safe bet, because of the Safe card. This card also seems to indicate that if he serves a second term, there will be economic security and prosperity.The No position is uncertain and relies on news or communication from others. At the moment, the Democratic Party has no politician to rival the presidency. But I cannot rule out all possibility, as I would with the Broken Mirror, or the Mice, or some other very negative card. The double negative of the position and the card would mean a positive outcome to the original question. Had the Safe appeared in the No position, I would say that No was the safe bet. The Maybe position is dependent on the House, a permanent institution in American politics. With such a stable strong card of comfort and permanence in the Maybe position, I feel this means that the election isn’t a sure
thing until the final vote is counted.

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