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13-50 Card Tarot Spreads

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Great for examining 2 sides of an issue. The cards are laid out in the shape of a key.

  2 4 6        
1       8 9 10 12
  3 5 7     11 13

Card 1: Querent Card - This card is optional and can be chosen by you or me to represent you or the question. Cards 2, 4, and 6: One side of the conflict affecting your question.
Cards 3, 5 and 7: The other side of the conflict affecting your question.
Card 8: Past
Card 9: Present
Cards 10, 11: Future Outcome.
Cards 12, 13: Advice, or more information.

Name/Age spread
Great spread for a birthday present!! Click here to see an example.
The cards are laid out in three rows corresponding to the number of letters in your first, middle, and last names. Names with more or less than three parts and less than the required number of letters in those names are adjusted for before the cards are drawn.
Cards are counted for number of years in your age. This card is very strongly present now and is of great influence.
First Name: Remote past/Something very close to you/Recent past
Middle Name: How you affect others/ Present/ How others affect you
Last Name: Feelings/Goals/Now/Influences/Outcome

Year spread
Great for New Year’s Day!
Makes a great Christmas present.
24 cards -12 for the months, 12 for a contributing factor or hidden information.
Cards are laid out in the shape of the Egyptian Ankh.
Cards Past
Cards : Present
Cards : Future

Cards are laid out in the shape of the classic Sanskrit omkara or letter for Om.
Cards 1-9: Present influences.
Cards 10-21: Past influences, basis of the question.
Cards 22-25: Side issue or hidden information about past and present.
Cards 26-30: Factors influencing outcome.
Card 31: Outcome.

Christian Cross
Cards are laid out in the shape of a Christian Cross.
Card 1-2: Past
Card 3: Present
Card 4-5: Obstacles
Card 6-7: Hope, wish
Card 8-12: Future
Card 13: Outcome

Excellent for a Yes or No question and finding out why. The cards are dealt into three piles. Deal first two piles until an Ace is uncovered. Deal third pile until an Ace is uncovered, or 13 cards are dealt.
Pile 1: the top card is why you are hesitant.
Pile 2: All cards show why the matter is stagnant.
Pile 3: Top card is Yes or No answer. All cards give information about the resolution of the question.

This is great to find out if a wish will come true!
How to make a wish come true, Or why a wish won’t come true.
The 9 of Cups is considered the Wish card for this spread, though I consider the 7 and 10 of Cups just as important, if not moreso. The appearance of these cards within the spread is favorable unless they appear in the Opposition section.
Cards 1-3: Environment
Cards 4-6: Wish
Cards 7-9: Opposition
Cards 10-12: What will come
Cards 13-15: Future Realization

Past Present Future Tree of Life
This is a variation of the Gill Tree of Life above in the $25 Tarot Spreads section. Here, the cards are dealt through the Tree of Life three times, so that the Past, Present, and Future aspects of each of the ten areas can be examined.


Card 1: Alpha and Omega - beginning and end, crown.
Card 2: Stars - masculine, outer self, father.
Card 3: Womb - feminine, inner self, mother.
Card 4: Crook - center of stability, basis from which you operate.
Card 5: Flail - revolutionary part of self, unrealized behavior pattern.
Card 6: Sun - heart center, higher self.
Card 7: Rose - emotional, desire, empathy.
Card 8: Wing - mental, communication, learning, memory, intuition.
Card 9: Moon - subconscious, hidden motivations, buried worries.
Card 10: Roots - present in body and external situation.

Eden Gray’s Tree of Life
Eden Gray presents an alternate view of the Tree of Life in the interpretation of the traditional 10 spheres, and by the addition of the Daath Pack.
Card 1: Intelligence
Card 2: Creative Force
Card 3: Wisdom
Card 4: Virtues
Card 5: Physical
Card 6: Health
Card 7: Love/Lust
Card 8: Art/Craft
Card 9: Mental
Card 10: Earthly Home
Cards 11-17: Daath Pack - Immediate Future
Soul - Cards 1-3
Reason - Cards 4-6
Emotions - Cards 7-9

This spread is great for character analysis.
50 cards are laid in geometrical shapes, one within the other.
Cards 1-28: form the outer square - Material, physical realm
Cards 29-40: form a triangle within the square - Mental, emotional, intellectual realm
Cards 41-49: form a circle within the triangle - Spiritual realm
Card 50: Affects all 3 planes, overriding tendency of character.

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