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Six cards are dealt around a baseball diamond.
Card 1: Batter Up - Where you are now.
Card 2: The Pitch - What is coming toward you.
Card 3: First Base - Your First step.
Card 4: Second Base - Your Second step
Card 5: Third base - Your Third Step.
Card 6: Home Plate - Where you are headed.

Seven cards are dealt in a vertical line corresponding to the 7 major chakras in the body. This spread is often done with Trumps or Major Arcana cards only.
Card 7: Crown - evolution of your consciousness. Your connection with the infinite or your Deity. Brain, scalp
Card 6: Third Eye - your psychic ability, intuition, intelligence, ears, eyes, nose.
Card 5: Throat - creativity, expression, throat and mouth.
Card 4: Heart - center, love, heart, lungs, emotional relationships, family.
Card 3: Solar Plexus - will, self-esteem, digestion.
Card 2: Sacral - seat, sexuality, sexual romantic relationships, issues. Lower back, reproductive organs.
Card 1: Base - your base, instincts, survival. Anus, excretory. Feet, legs. Connection of spirit with body and Earth. Grounding.

Celtic Cross
Probably the most famous and popular spread. It can be dealt and interpreted in a variety of ways. The Celtic Cross is sometimes done with Trumps or Major Arcana cards only.
Q: Querent Card - This card is optional and can be chosen by you or me to represent you or the question.
Card 1: Covers - This card literally covers the Querent card and represents the situation surrounding the querent.
Card 2: Crosses - This card also literally crosses the Querent and is laid on top perpendicularly. It represents the obstacle or what goes against the situation surrounding the querent.
Card 3: Crowns - Placed above, this represents what is out of your hands or what is all-encompassing about the question
Card 4: Below - Placed below, this represents the basis or foundation of the question
Card 5: Before - (Cards 5 and 6 can be interchanged depending on which way the face of the Querent card is looking.) Placed where the face is looking and represents what is in front of you. May be an indication of a possible future outcome or your next step.
Card 6: Behind - Placed opposite where the face is looking and represents what has already past.
Card 7: You - The next 4 cards are placed in a line to the right of the previous cards. This 7th card represents some aspect of you at present.
Card 8: Your House - Friends, family, or some aspect of your environment.
Card 9: Your Fears - Your hopes and fears, dreams and wishes for the question.
Card 10: Outcome - What will be.

Tree of Life
This is another spread that has many variations and interpretations. I’ve included simple variations here. Complex variations can be found under the $50 and $100 Tarot Spreads section.
Gill Tree of Life
By Josephine Elizabeth Gill


Card 1: Alpha and Omega - beginning and end, crown.
Card 2: Stars - masculine, outer self, father.
Card 3: Womb - feminine, inner self, mother.
Card 4: Crook - center of stability, basis from which you operate.
Card 5: Flail - revolutionary part of self, unrealized behavior pattern.
Card 6: Sun - heart center, higher self.
Card 7: Rose - emotional, desire, empathy.
Card 8: Wing - mental, communication, learning, memory, intuition.
Card 9: Moon - subconscious, hidden motivations, buried worries.
Card 10: Roots - present in body and external situation.

Thrysse’s Transformational Tree of Life

This spread is laid out in the form of the tree of life. There are three cards in a column on the left, representing who the client is now or has recently been, and what she brings to the transformation. There are three cards in a column on the right which represent who she is becoming. The middle column represents the transformational path and the life purpose. There are four cards offset from the three on either side, to form triangles with them, and a fifth card placed at the base of the central column. The layout is read from the bottom up - the base card is the expression of the transformational path in the physical world. The triangle above this (points down) is the physical transformation, the middle triangle above this (points down) is the intellectual transformation. The upper triangle (points up) is the spiritual transformation, and the central card between the upper and middle triangles is the key to her life purpose in accomplishing the transformation. Any reversed cards, especially in the central path, indicate areas where special attention is needed, as these represent blocked transformational energies.


Card 0: Key to life purpose
Card 1: Spiritual transformation
Card 2: Spiritual past/present
Card 3: Spiritual future
Card 4: Intellectual past/present
Card 5: Intellectual future
Card 6: Intellectual transformation
Card 7: Physical past/present
Card 8: Physical future
Card 9: Physical transformation
Card 10: Base of the transformational path

Line Spread
The middle card indicates the present.
Cards to the left are the past and the right are the future.
Cards to the left are at a time in the past that corresponds do the time distance in the future of the cards on the right.

Q: Querent Card - This card is optional and can be chosen by you or me to represent you or the question. It is placed under Card 5.
Card 1: foundation of the current situation.
Card 2: Past actions contributing to the current situation.
Card 3: Past emotions.
Card 4: Past outside actions-emotions influencing current situation.
Card 5: Querent’s current position.
Card 6: Future outside actions/emotions affecting Querent.
Card 7: Future emotions to watch out for.
Card 8: Future actions.
Card 9: Outcome.

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