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Life is made up of patterns and energy processes. Itís a flow from sunrise to noon to sunset to midnight; from birth to growth to decline and finally death. The Magickal year begins and ends at Samhain or Halloween with the death of the old year and a time of stillness and honoring the ancestors and those who have gone before.

Iím very much a lightworker, drawn to the healing and growing energies of light, joy, and the Sun. But when the Goddess placed ten deer bones in my path, and I picked them up and tossed them and they nearly spelled the word Ďyesí, I felt compelled to work with bone reading. This is much more intuitive and inspirational for me than either the tarot or runes which have inherent definitions based on words and concepts. There are no preset symbols or definitions with bones. Itís all about seeing in the moment. Detecting a pattern in the chaos.

If you would like a bone reading, fill out the tarot order form as completely as possible. Tell me about your question or situation and choose the $50 Bone Reading payment option under Other.

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