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Candle Prayers (Magick, Affirmations, Spells, Wishes, etc.)

Candle Prayers - $25

I will call upon the love and mercy of your Deity and my own to help you with your concerns. Use the Order a Reading page and choose the $25 Candle Magick from the Other Services drop down menu. Explain in the Reading Request box that this a Candle Prayer request.

Choose the color candle you want from the list below.
Tell Lady Lorelei the names or words you want inscribed on the candle.
Tell Lady Lorelei what to pray for. See example below.
Tell Lady Lorelei when you want the Prayer performed: Immediately, new or full moon, day of the week, time of day.

White : Spiritual life and connection with your higher power. Life purpose.
Purple : Intellect, Intuition, mental concerns, eyes, ears, nose, psyche, head Decision or new idea.
Blue : Throat, mouth, communication, expression, healing, emotions, relationships Communication and creative expression.
Green : Love, money, prosperity, fertility, heart, upper back Health and Wealth.
Yellow : Self esteem, willpower, take control, positivity, stomach, mid-back Happiness.
Orange : sexual organs, lower back, relationships, reproduction Passion.
Red : seat, legs, foundation, basis, excretory organs Love, healthy energy flow.
Pink : romance, friendship, love Harmony.
Black : mourning, memorial, banishing negativity Protection.

Candle Prayer example:
Pink candle inscribed with the words Love, Trust, Happiness

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, lend your ear to my humble prayer. Joan Smith is ready to open her heart to love in her life. With Your help and blessing, let true love and light come into her life. Help Joan to become whole in herself so that her light and love shine bright and attract the perfect mate. Ready her for love. Guide her to meet love. Let her know when she has found love. Give her courage to face and accept love, as well as a generous heart to give and share love.
Laxmi, Goddess of Fortune, smile on Joan Smith and shower her with the fortune of true love. Fill her heart and her life with the wealth of kindness, affection, open honest communication, and deep trust.
Brigid, Goddess of Craftsmanship, empower Joan Smith to create the love life she desires. Fill her mind with the wisdom to build a lifelong partnership with her soulmate.
Goddess Gaia, Mother of us all, ground Joan Smith in the here and now, stabilize her life so that she has an anchor point while venturing forth on the ocean of emotion and relation. Bless her with your inner fire of passion and courage.
Divinity of Infinity, if You so desire, for the greatest good of all, hear our prayers and grant our desires. Guide us on our life’s journey. Empower us to know You.

Amen. Let it Be.

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