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Title Chapter: 6 Lightning

Title Series:  Enemy Mine

Word Count:   2219

Author: Lady Lorelei the Tarot Goddess [email protected]

Episode Theme Music: No Leaf Clover by Metallica

Viggorli Subgenre:  science fiction/space opera

Rating Chapter: NC17

Rating Series: NC17

Warning: slash sex, dubious consent

Disclaimer: I thank Viggo and Orlando for making the world a better place.

Summary: Two very strong men, emotionally scarred, thrown together by circumstance are unable to deny the fascination and attraction between them.

Feedback: will sustain me and encourage continuation of the series. Also, if the prose is too techno, I'll be happy to add a glossary. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and praise dearly craved.

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Enemy Mine 6 Lightning


Don't it feel right like this
All the pieces fall to his wish
Suck up for that quick reward boy
Suck up for that quick reward they said.....


                                                                ~~~ No Leaf Clover by Metallica



sighed as his eyes opened and he took stock of the morning wood lying on his stomach. His right hand moved sleepily, to reach down and adjust, but was arrested by a heavy warmth. His brain came fully online. He heaved a relieved sigh, feeling much better for a good night's sleep. Turning his head, Viggo brought his left arm, the one that wasn't trapped, over to stroke soft yellow locks. He lifted them and let them fall onto his chest. They were almost like a woman's. His motion brought up soft light.


The body wedged against his stirred. The breathing changed. Deep brown eyes opened to regard him. He saw a soft smile and couldn't help but answer with one of his own. Orlando, his master, rolled away and onto his back, the better to stretch and yawn. 

Viggo remained still, watching. He decided to go ahead and get up and find clean clothes when Orlando rolled back over and placed an arm across his chest. There was something about those dark eyes in that light, eternally young face. They grabbed his attention and pulled it in till Viggo felt he was drowning in a whirlpool. He couldn't look away. Didn't want to try.


"Have you ever been taken in the ass?" Orlando asked in a soft even voice, as though enquiring of his preferences for dinner.


"No." Viggo felt himself begin to tense. "No, master."


"We're in bed, Viggo," Orlando chided then moved his head to nip at Viggo's nipple.


Viggo gasped as a shock of pleasure shot through him. Goddam mods! he cursed inwardly as all the doubts about his implanted programs he'd had yesterday crashed over him again. He'd never gotten off with a man before. Well, that wasn't entirely true. Nobody counted what happened right after a firefight. Any one you walk away from, and all. He didn't like men. He surehell didn't kiss them.


"No need to be so formal," the gentle aristo tones continued. "Take me, then."


Viggo looked to confirm what he'd just heard. His master wanted him to top?


Sensing his confusion, Orlando said, "Fuck me Viggo. Hard and long." He drew an arm and a leg up Viggo's body. "Do what you like. What feels good to you."


Please the master, that's what the chip modifications commanded, Viggo thought bitterly to himself as he rolled away to search the night stand for some sort of lube. Only, there was no nightstand. They were in a tiny bunk onboard a tiny space flitter where absolutely every cubic inch of volume did double or triple duty. He settled back on the pillow and asked, "Where 's the lube?"


A sparkling smile met his gaze. Orlando puffed out a small snort then said, "Don't need it. I'm ready for you." He pulled at Viggo, rolling him on top till Viggo gasped as his morning wood crashed against Orlando's bloom. Peaceful lassitude of waking warm snug and safe exploded into fierce hot pleasure at the sensation of soft skin over hard muscle moving against him, stroking him.


Viggo caught his teeth against Orlando's shoulder, resisting the urge to drown the man beneath him in kisses and tongue. He could fight the computer chip controlling his behavior that much, but there was no fighting the urge to thrust his hips against those beneath him, the urge to sink his teeth into taunting delectable flesh.


Orlando gasped and sighed, the sound driving Viggo's heart to pump madly. Viggo grasped Orlando's hips, pinning them to the mattress while he ground their cocks together.


Orlando clawed at his back in abandon, moaning. He spread his legs and leaned his head away, baring his neck, inviting Viggo to bite at his jugular. Viggo accepted the invitation biting then licking at the skin, thoroughly enjoying the taste and feel. His mind reeled, but his body was grounded and certain, it knew just what to do, and so he allowed it free reign, digging his fingers into his master’s flesh, grazing his teeth along the length of neck. Sliding his tongue around the collar bone to the other side, then sinking his teeth in again, driven on by the moans of desire filling his ears.


Recovering some sense of himself, Viggo lifted Orlando's thigh and slid his own body down so that his cock dragged against  Orlando's balls, separating them, pushing them apart. His hips never stopped moving, down and up, until on one pass the head of his cock caught against the entrance to Orlando's body and Orlando sucked in his breath loudly. Viggo stopped. His senses whirled in a haze of lust and physical need. He looked down at the man beneath him and found an answering lust, an answering need. He slowly pushed past the natural tightness then groaned as the tight ring slid smoothly over him, clenching the length of him till he was fully seated, fully sated.


Orlando's eyes were wide. His breath came in short gasps. He tried to move but Viggo's greater weight held him firmly in place. He rocked his hips and Viggo gave in and began fucking him. Viggo’s flesh flashed hot then cold. His mind reeled. Sweat broke over him from his exertion, but the thrill of sensation caused goose bumps to follow. It felt so good, so incredibly good. But he wanted more. The chip allowed him to want more from his master. He dragged his lips down, down to where they fastened on a dark brown nipple and he was rewarded with a gasp and then a high sigh. Fucking slow and steady, Viggo grasped the nipple between his teeth and tugged. 


A stream of High Shinnleyen met his ears. Low Shinn, the language used by common workers was part of Viggo’s latest chip mod. Still he caught a few words like Goddess, grateful, and blessing. Viggo smiled and licked his way over to the other nipple where he began treating it just the same. This time he was rewarded with a stream of profanity in Low Shinn. And he did think of his master’s pleasure as his reward. He couldn’t kid himself that this was anything like a post combat fuck, which was nothing more than mutual masturbation. No, this was pure sex, pure pleasure, and bordered close on pure need.


Orlando’s hips rose to meet his, faster, urging the pace. Viggo complied with a vengeance, pounding his hips into his master with all the power of his legs and back. He grasped at Orlando’s shoulders to hold their bodies together, letting his head sink down beside. He panted against Orlando’s neck.


A high-pitched thin wail, like a boiling tea kettle, seemed to wrench itself out of his master’s throat. Then Orlando’s body clenched him so tight he lost the rhythm and Orlando’s orgasm covered their torsos in white cream.


“Or – Or – Orlando!” Viggo shouted as he came, surprised at himself. He was  a silent lover.


He finally stopped moving after easing into the last few thrusts, feeling Orlando still writhing beneath him as he slumped against him and caught his breath. They were both covered in sweat and come. Viggo lifted his head to catch his master’s eyes. But Orlando wasn’t done. He continued to writhe while a silent scream contorted his face. A stab of wonder hit Viggo’s heart.


Finally, Orlando took a deep shuddering breath. He continued to spasm in aftershock from each tiny movement either of them made, whimpering like a woman having multiple orgasms.


Must be the mods, Viggo thought, still in awe. He figured they could do anything with genetic modification and nanotechnology. He’d recovered his breath and since his master most definitely hadn’t had enough, he started slowly pumping his hips again. Orlando looked at him, eyes not quite tracking.



groaned with each stroke and dug his fingers into Viggo’s back.  He couldn’t understand what was happening to him as orgasm after orgasm crashed over him, wrenched cries and groans from his throat. It did not end. He clung to Viggo, his focus narrowed down to his opening. His ass and Viggo’s cock shoving in and out of it became his world, the entirety of his being. This sensation, the feel of his Viggo fucking him, was nothing like he’d ever felt before. In fact, it was all he ever needed in his hundreds of long years searching for happiness. All he ever wanted was this completion. All he ever wondered about the Mystery was right here, right now, pounding him in the ass and he couldn’t get enough. And yet here was Viggo giving it to him, giving it all, giving him everything he ever wanted to have. This. This was Truth. This was Passion.

This was – and Orlando was shocked at how easily his mind accepted it – the End to all his long searches. He’d found it, the transcendent Beauty of Life. Gift of the Goddess to those She favored. He just couldn’t understand. How? Why? Orlando threw his head back against the pillow and screamed with the pleasure of it.



continued stroking into his master throughout this latest set of multiple orgasms. His own earlier climax had taken the edge off. He felt shaken by the enormity of what was happening underneath him, because of him.  He watched as Orlando's eyes rolled back in his head and his screams were superceded by a silent grimace of ecstasy. He held on tightly as Orlando's body writhed and twisted under him, and Orlando's entrance spasmed around him. Ultimately this sensation pushed him over into his second climax.


"God, Orlando," he panted against his master's neck. He shuddered and twitched in reaction while his heart and breath caught up and evened out. Moved his weight off of his master, he laid face down until he could feel strength returning to his limbs. He rolled to his side and caught sight of an expression just as it left his master's face.

He tried to understand how he could possibly have seen fear, perhaps even horror. No, that couldn't be right. Orlando's face was its normal blank and serene expression. He only imagined the eyes were wide with shock.


"Shower and dress. There is much to do," Orlando ordered softly.


Without a backward glance, Viggo left the bed and stepped into the sonic scrubber. Ten seconds later he returned to the bedroom and pulled open drawers until he found a basic utility suit to step into.


Orlando laid exactly as he'd left him. Viggo stepped to the bedside and dropped his knees to the floor. He reached over and took Orlando's hand in his. He brought his master's knuckles to his lips overwhelmed with this new feeling in his heart. Not love. Not even lust. He felt a huge powerful awe for what had happened. Orlando met his eyes with his normal cold blank expression.



felt lost.  He was not about to accept the reality of what Viggo had made him feel. He pulled his hand back and tried once again to push this rush of feelings back down in his heart, to deny it all. He could never allow himself to be this needy. To need a slave.   Therefore, it wasn't so. It was just a magnificent fuck with a passion slave. Nothing more. Nevermind said slave had absolutely no training or even specific pleasure/passion chip implants. Orlando had spared him the indignity of that, counting on the simple enjoyment of sex to satisfy them both. But satisfied was such a pale modifier for this glorious fire he’d burnt up in only minutes ago. No, there had been passion there. Unbelievable  depths of raw passionate sensual fire. No, just an excellent example of natural talent.


He closed his eyes and shivered in weakness and confusion.


The moment passed and Orlando, Scion of House Bloom, regained his composure. Taking a deep breath, he began working his implant controls with his mouth and tongue. Looking past Viggo he said, "Elgin, Merril attend me and bring breakfast." Meeting Viggo's eyes he said, "I must get back to work on the orchards. You stay here at this camp. Rest and eat and recover from the mods. I'll send for you again."



held his face expressionless when the troop of servitors entered the tiny cabin. He glanced back as he left. He couldn’t help himself. Minutes ago, he thought he’d finally held something precious, understood some truth about himself and this relationship with Orlando. Now he wasn’t so sure. The certainty he'd gained as Orlando writhed and screamed as he fucked him, was now a broken turmoil of confusion. One last glance showed him Orlando’s face back to its normal icy disdain. A woman picked at his braids while a man bent to help his legs into a pair of dark utility pants. He dictated orders through his implant.

Viggo followed an orchard slave to his new bed in a long bunkhouse. He wasn’t sleepy and so went out to work on the trees, hoping to see Orlando. The trees were small and the fruit smaller than those he’d worked on before, a different variety. Within an hour he saw the red Lamb lift and head south. Viggo watched his master leave, strangely afraid that he'd done something very very wrong.







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