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What this workshop is - “ I “ statements of intent:
I intend to use this tarot deck to see beyond the veil of mundane reality.
I intend this tarot deck for the greatest good of everyone I read for.

Keep a tarot journal - writing down your thoughts, impressions, and readings is your most valuable teaching tool. Go back and see how accurate your reading was, and re-evaluate what the cards were telling you. Keep a page or two for meanings and nuances of each card. Develop KeyWords as a memory device.

Keep your deck ‘clear’ and positively energized by putting it in order.
1. Smudge with incense. 2. Knock out the ‘bad’ vibrations. 3. Rest it in sunlight or moonlight or near running water or a burning candle. 4. Keep a bright sparkly crystal in the bag with the deck.
Extreme remedies: 1. Order it and put it away for a long period of time, and use a different deck. 2. Rest in rock salt in sunlight. 3. Put it in a bag and bury in the earth.

Basic Symbolism
Swords (East, Air, Sunrise, Spring, Intelligence, struggles)
Wands (South, Fire, Noon, Summer, Passion, Will)
Cups (West, Water, Sunset, Autumn, Feelings, Healing)
Pentacles - Circles, Coins (North, Earth, Midnight, Winter, Wealth, Spirituality)
Pips , Ace through 10 - a progression along a path, a story, beginning to end, a cycle
Courts, Page through King - assimilation of the path already trod in the Pips, people
Trumps - Hero’s Journey, Fool’s Journey, Life’s Journey - 22 major archetypes

Shuffle 7 times to randomize. Shuffle, cut and draw the same way consistently.

1 CARD READING - Frame the question as an I statement.
Perform daily and write it down!

What is the best thing for me to do today?
Who am I right now?
What do I need to know about this person/place/situation?
How can I help this person/place/situation?
Where do I need to work on my tarot reading?
Why did this happen to me?

CHAKRA SPREAD - majors or full deck
1 Root Chakra - basis, survival, elimination, letting go, connection with Earth, feet, legs
2 Sacral Chakra - sexuality, creativity, relationships, lower back, hips, sex organs
3 Solar Plexus Chakra - will, identity, self-esteem, digestive and other organs
4 Heart Chakra - relationships, feelings, mid back, heart, lungs
5 Throat Chakra - speech, communication, throat, upper back, shoulders
6 3rd Eye Chakra - mind, psychic sense, eyes, ears, nose, head
7 Crown Chakra - connection with divine and infinite, spirituality, overhanging issues, crown

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