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Reading Type: Job
Question or Concern: < changes? sudden any be there will or here, on continue I job, my at out turn things how know to want just>
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: Your Best Job

  1. What’s going on with your current job
  2. What’s going on under the surface
  3. What you can do to improve it
  4. What’s your best job
  5. Why
  6. What you can do to get it

Cards drawn

  1. 2 of Swords, retrograde - blocked stalemate
  2. 10 of Wands, retrograde - blocked burden
  3. 20 Judgement, retrograde - blocked higher power
  4. 5 of Wands - competition
  5. 8 of Wands, retrograde - blocked speed
  6. 2 of Pentacles, retrograde - blocked juggling

Trumps - only one, Judgement
Suits - 3 Wands - job, will, intuition
Pips - 2 twos - balance
We note 5 cards retrograde or upside down. This indicates a whole lot of blocked energy about your job situation.

The first card, the 2 of Swords is about a stalemate or being hung up on deciding or choosing between two things. Appearing retrograde compounds this meaning rather than opposing it as in most cards. When a decision is this difficult, I can only advise waiting for new information or for the situation to change. It sounds like you really haven’t been there long enough to give this job a chance. Why not dive in and try? I mean you can always keep your resume up to date. The high number of retrograde cards indicate that the situation will not change on its own. The energy and movement is blocked. If you want a change, you will have to be the instigator of that change. So you must decide in what direction you want change to move you. The second card is about what is going on under the surface in your new job situation. This may or may not be obvious to you. The 10 of Wands is about carrying a heavy load or burden. It may be cheerfully done like holding down a job while caring for children, or it may be just oo much like working multiple unpleasant jobs, or long hours. This energy is blocked so I get the feeling that you are not sufficiently challenged in your job, or perhaps in your life. You are missing some type of burden. Is this job unfulfilling for you?

What you can do to improve the current job is given by the Judgment card retrograde. This card shows an archangel blowing a trumpet awakening the souls in resurrection and so I connect it with one’s higher spiritual power or deity. This would indicate a need for prayer or meditation of some sort. But appearing retrograde tells me that you need to pull back into the practical material, tangible world with regard to this job situation. Your job situation is what you make of it and what you desire it to be. I can only use myself as an example. I work in a computer lab with several men in their late 20s who are married with small children. They work really hard and spend long hours learning new technology. Whereas I’m in my late 30s with no kids and I just put in my 40 hours and pick up my paycheck. I don’t have the drive and ambition they do. I’d rather perform tarot readings and garden, etc. What I’m getting at is that if you feel dissatisfaction with how this job is turning out, you need to identify the cause and do something about it. And your decision, like mine, may be: I’m going to find fulfillment in other ways. Or it may be like the men I work with: I’m going to apply myself fully to every aspect of my job.

The fourth card of your spread is the 5 of Wands. This card often comes up in this position in this spread. I take it to mean that your perfect job would challenge you more than your present job. So many jobs are: do the same thing day after day. And most people need new challenges to meet and goals to strive for and conquer. The aspect of competition may be with a competing company or with team members within your company, like a sales force. Sot again, it appears that the present job is not challenging you in ways you like to be challenged. We are seeing this theme repeating in the 2 of Swords, and 10 of Wands, and now here, in the 5 of Wands.

The WHY of it is given by the 8 of Wands retrograde. This card upright means something is about to happen quickly, something that you may have been feeling is coming. Appearing retrograde indicates a block in this energy. You don’t feel a premonition that things are about to happen. Things are stuck and not exciting. There is no edge.

What you can do to get your best job is to stop juggling!!! The 2 of Pentacles is about juggling finances, juggling your material and spiritual life, and weighing decisions. I feel a reinforcement between the first and last cards in this spread, both 2’s, both retrograde. You need to stop weighing alternatives and looking at two things. You need to find that one things you want and then go for it with all your energy. However, the number of retrograde cards indicates that now is not the precise time to act. It is the time to start considering action.

To answer your original question, it appears that you will stay with this job unless you make a change. All the retrograde cards show a blockage in movement and change. There is inertia to overcome. And I think the way to do that is to find a clear goal or object of desire. You need to work toward some positive goal. In this case the perfect job. You deserve to do a job that you really like and that fulfills you, for a good wage. Think about what will do that for you.

Of course another way to interpret all these retrogrades is that you company is in a downward spiral and there may be a sudden change when the spiral bottoms out. I don’t’ get a strong feeling of that but it is a possibility. I get the feeling more that your personal job situation is stuck in some way and you must apply energy to unstuck it.

Standard Disclaimer: The tarot shows how the future could be based on the present. Your future is yours to create.
© 2000 Lady Lorelei

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