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Life Purpose Spread

Reading Type: Life Purpose
Question or Concern: What is my purpose here on Earth?
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: Body/Mind/Spirit

Body: 10 of cups and the 5 of pentacles. The ten of cups is a picture of a happy family underneath a rainbow of ten cups. The 5 of pentacles is two unfortunate people outside in the snow and dark. These cards indicate that things are going well in the bodily arena at present. You are destined for a loving family life. Your purpose in this area is to understand what lack and poverty are and to help those in need.

Mind: 9 of Swords, and 2 of cups. The 9 of Swords is the card of despair. A person is awake at night, hands clasped to his/her face as though crying. The two of cups shows two people sharing two cups and is a card of love and partnership. This means that at the moment you are feeling very bad in your mind. You are feeling lost and without hope but your purpose is to balance your mind by finding your partner. This may be your husband, or it may be a close friend or even a business partner or co-worker or teacher. You are the missing half in some relationship that will come to you.

Spirit: 2 of Pentacles and the World. At present you are juggling spirituality. The two of Pentacles shows a juggler dancing while juggling two spheres within a lemniscate, an infinity symbol. Are you investigating various paths, or just trying to decide whether to be a materialist or a spiritualist? The World signifies Integration. Your purpose is to find your true spiritual path.

Please, do not be discouraged if it is not clear right now. Pray and meditate and keep searching. It will come to you.

Standard Disclaimer: The tarot shows how the future could be based on the present. Your future is yours to create.
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