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Reading Type: Money
Question or Concern: Are my finances going to get better soon?
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: Baseball Spread

  1. Batter Up - Where you are now
  2. The Pitch - What’s coming at you
  3. First Base - Your first step or event
  4. Second Base - Second step or event
  5. Third Base - Third step or event
  6. Home Plate - Where you are headed

Cards drawn

  1. 7 of Pentacles - hope
  2. 6 of Cups - innocence
  3. 15 The Devil - ignorance
  4. 10 of Pentacles - permanence
  5. Page of Pentacles - dyslexia
  6. 6 of Pentacles - charity

Trumps - only the Devil
Suits - 4 out of 6 cards are in the money suit
Pips - Two 6’s, one of which is the 6th card. This emphasizes beauty, balance, and harmony in your life.

Where you are now is hoping for financial gain. The 7 of Pentacles is about doing everything you know you should and then being patient for the results to show. The picture is of a gardener who has cultivated, planted, fertilized, watered and weeded his garden. He is leaning on a hoe looking at his rich healthy plants, and it looks like he is impatient for them to bear fruit, and for that fruit to ripen. So this card is very hopeful, but it also cautions patience. And implicit in this card, is that you do all the things you are supposed to. In this case, you make wise choices and spend frugally, and wait for the financial results.

The Pitch that is coming at you is the 6 of Cups. This card shows 2 very young people and is associated with innocence. A young boy dressed in red and blue smells of the white flower in a golden vase that he is handing to the young girl. I think you are about to enter a stage or situation where your innocence will be surprisingly ripped away by the Devil card. Your innocence in some financial matter is thrown in your face, and the temptation is to just drown your sorrows and embarrassment in ignorance such as pills, booze, or over-indulgence in sleep or other mind-numbing activities.

The Devil card shows the traditional Christian image of a huge demonic horned, winged, part goat man perched on a black block to which a nude man and woman are chained. They also have small white horns and each sprouts a tail. The woman’s is of ripe grapes and the man’s is of fire. There is an inverted pentagram symbol over the Devil’s head indicating that he is the inverse of spirituality. This is synonymous with ignorance; ignorance of one’s true spiritual nature, ignorance of one’s duties and station in life, ignorance of one’s real fortune, not caring about what is good and right, just wanting to forget it all. So, I see that the first stage that you will move through in reaction to the Pitch of innocence is some sort of ignorance or waste of time and emotion. Preparing for it can mitigate the effects.

The second stage you will pass through is shown in the 10 of Pentacles. In this card we see the full circle of 3 generations. An elderly grandfather appears cloaked in a blanket. He is petting the head of the dogs that the small child is holding the tail of. Between them a man and woman in their prime are talking and smiling. Around them are the walls and buildings of their permanent dwelling or city. This card is about carrying on. Having things that last over time. So I think that you will quickly recover from whatever the Devil represents and get back to business, and do very well at it.

The third stage or step on your journey is given by the Page of Pentacles. A youth stands gazing at a golden globe he is holding aloft, that is inscribed with a pentacle. He is dark haired and well dressed in green tunic and orange leggings. What strikes me most about this card is that he is oblivious to the vista behind him. There are miles of meadows and farms land, a stand of trees, and a mighty blue mountain. This card is full of contradictions. It means being easily distracted while being highly focused. It’s about missing the forest for the trees. So the third stage for you is to find yourself concentrating on details and missing the big picture. At this time it may be wise to step back and re-evaluate your finances from a historical basis and with a long-term goal in mind. Quick results are a different matter, but achieving them usually means giving up the long-term goals. Just be sure of all aspects before making a commitment.

And finally, there is Home Plate, or where this is all leading. The 6 of Pentacles shows a well dressed man with a rich cloak holding a scales while dispensing gold coins in charity to two unfortunates in tattered blankets. This card is about having enough to give away, being generous and kind, helping out. The negative aspect of this card is judging other people as worthy of your gifts, and yourself as their superior for having something to give, false pride. So I think you are headed for a comfortable financial position where you will be able to buy some things you want, or give some gifts, or pay for something you are hoping for.

Overall, your financial future looks very bright indeed. There is just that little Devil to be overcome. At present you have crossed all your t’s and done everything that you are supposed to with your finances. You will be confronted with a chance to examine your own naivete. How you react to this is your choice. At present it looks like you will react with depression. You don’t have to. You are in charge of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. You can decide to just laugh at yourself and go on. The cards show that in any case, you will move on to experiencing the permanent things in your life like family and surroundings. Then I think you will get bogged down in some thought processes but will come out on top.

This spread usually covers two weeks to a month. The tarot deals with processes or stages of development. And this spread is designed that way, too.

Standard Disclaimer: The tarot shows how the future could be based on the present. Your future is yours to create.
© 2000 Lady Lorelei

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