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Reading Type: Relationship
Cards: 4

Question or Concern: What to do to improve my relationship? What is the problem between us?
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: Relationship.

  1. you
  2. him
  3. relationship
  4. advice

Cards drawn

  1. 2 of Cups
  2. Strength
  3. 2 of Wands
  4. 10 of Pentacles

The 2 of cups indicates that you are partnered well. The picture on the card is of two people sharing two cups. This is a card of partnership, friendship, and love; and indicates that you are well situated in the present relationship.

His card is Strength. The picture is of a woman scratching a lion under its chin. She has him on a leash of flowers. This card refers to inner strength and soft control. The strength of intelligence rather than brute force. Do you listen to him? Really listen to what he is saying? Is he a silent type? Often people get used to each other and don't really listen, but dismiss lightly what someone has said, not realizing how important it is. He is not the type to force his way on you. By the same token he will not allow you to force your way on him. He is the type to go away quietly rather than making a big dramatic scene and shouting about what is wrong.

The relationship is described by the 2 of Wands, dominion. A ruler stands on the rampart of his castle. He has the world in his hand and looks out over the country he rules. He holds the staff of dominion in the other hand. The staff of responsibility is behind him. Is dominion and control an issue for you in your relationship? Who dominates and who submits? Are you ruling the relationship and making the decisions? Does he have a voice in these decisions?

The 4th card is the ten of pentacles, permanence. I think this card bodes well for your relationship. It is a positive family and material affluence card. A whole family is pictured. Dogs at the grandfather's feet. They are well to do.

The recurrence of two 2's indicates accord. This spread shows a very nice relationship exists. Be happy with what you have. Is this what you want for the rest of your life?

Reading Type:Romance
Cards: 6
Question or Concern:
Is he right for me?
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: What’s Stopping You

  1. What’s stopping you physically
  2. What you can do about it
  3. What’s stopping you mentally
  4. What you can do about it
  5. What’s stopping you spiritually
  6. What you can do about it
Cards drawn
  1. King of Swords - ethics
  2. Queen of Cups, retrograde - blocked spouse
  3. Ace of Swords - chivalry, new idea
  4. Knight of Pentacles - caution
  5. 3 of Cups - joy
  6. 7 of Swords - theft

Before getting into the cards at all, I think that if you are having doubts about this man, then they are probably justified.

The juxtaposition of Swords and Cups throughout this spread is fascinating. Swords relate to intellect and hard decisions and sorrows. Cups relate to emotions and relationships. The King and Ace of Swords are side by side, the end and beginning of that suit. And you have a King and Queen in your physical cards. Intellect and emotions are definitely at war in your love life.

There’s something you don’t like about this guy that is stopping you from getting physically any closer to him. What is it? Is it his ethics or morals? Are your ethics or morals keeping you aloof from this man? Or are you intellectualizing some instinctual mistrust you are feeling where he is concerned? Your powerful intelligence is blocking you in the physical realm. What you can do about it is stop worrying about attaining this unrealistic ideal of perfect spouse. When you start a relationship do you immediately picture him as your husband ten years down the road? This Queen reversed or retrograde is telling you to slow down on the perfect spouse thing and just try to establish a solid friendship. This is what leads up to solid commitment and then marriage. Don’t get the cart before the horse or you end up moving backwards. There is a natural progression to relationships and people find out the hard way that you can’t jump into intimacy before establishing a solid friendship. It just won’t work. Is this man your friend? Someone you love just being with, doing things with, confiding in, etc.? Would he still be your friend if he never became your lover or husband? The Queen of Cups reversed is advising you to think in terms of friendship, cooperation, communication, etc.; not only terms of marriage.

Mentally, what’s blocking you is the Ace of Swords or some new idea that seems really correct and logical. It may work for most people (or seem to on the surface) but it’s not going to work for you. What new idea are you trying out in your love life? The Knight of Pentacles advises caution. Slow down and test the waters. Don’t dive right in to anything new.

Spiritually the cards are somewhat odd. The 3 of Cups is a very positive card while the 7 of Swords is somewhat negative. So let’s look at inner meanings. What’s blocking you from a satisfying love life, spiritually, is joy. Are you wrapped up and involved in your spiritual life, or perhaps a group of female friends so much that you are losing perspective in your romantic relationships? Is this the source of your Queen of Cups idealism that you need to give up? Do you want a boyfriend or husband so that you can show him off to your friends and relatives? I feel that somehow the 3 energy of this card is blocking you from the 2 energy of a satisfying relationship that you want.There is a third person (or element) involved when there should be only two.

What you can do about it is the 7 of Swords, or theft. A young man is stealing away in broad daylight from a fair. He is holding 5 Swords and looking back over his shoulder as though he is getting away with something. There are two more Swords standing upright. Too much for him to carry them all away. Spiritually you need to get away with something. Steal some time or something for yourself. Be sneaky and go for something in your spiritual life that you want and need. This will bring you something that will eventually lead to satisfaction in your love life.

There is a lot of movement and energy in these cards and I believe, in your romantic life. Are you really ready to settle down into a solid, committed relationship with one person for the rest of your life? I get the feeling from what you said and from these cards, that you know what you want, but are afraid that you don’t deserve it and are therefore settling for less and maybe settling too soon. I find your spiritual cards highly intriguing and suggest that you concentrate your work in that area at present.

Standard Disclaimer: The tarot shows how the future could be based on the present. Your future is yours to create.
© 2000 Lady Lorelei

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