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Getting out of a Slump

Getting out of a Slump

Reading Type: Self-Doubt
Question or Concern: I am a tarot reader. I am suddenly filled with self doubt, and I am re-evaluating everything to do with tarot. Can u please tell me how to get out of this slump??
Deck Used: Universal Waite (illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith)
Spread Used: You/Obstacle/Next Step

To start with, re-evaluating everything to do with tarot seems an excellent way to get out of a slump. I assume that your self-doubt is about yourself as a tarot reader. Personally, I recommend the ATA American Tarot Association as a great organization for learning about the tarot.

I did a three card you/obstacle/next step spread for you. I pulled the Ace of wands, The Fool, and the 3 of wands. To me, the wands are a masculine symbol. You are masculine, practical, exoteric side is beginning some sort of growing process. Tarot is highly intuitive and esoteric. Have you recently begun a new career or relationship that has you acting in a new and different way? Did something change in your life that is changing your paradigm?

The Fool indicates, again, the beginning of a path or process. Did you really study the tarot before doing readings? Or perhaps, you need to re-evaluate the card meanings. Are the meanings you are used to just not working anymore?

The 3 of wands indicates exploration, searching; like Christopher Columbus setting sail through uncharted ocean. You will find whatever it is you are searching for.

This reading indicates 2 choices to me: 1, that you should put down the tarot for a while and thoroughly explore whatever is happening in your exoteric, everyday life. Or 2, that you should continue exploring the esoteric, internal mysteries of the tarot with a new exoteric, externalized vision.

Standard Disclaimer: The tarot shows how the future could be based on the present. Your future is yours to create.
© 2000 Lady Lorelei

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