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                  Siler City  NC  USA
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I’m very fortunate to have been asked to write two tarot books. Simultaneous to continuing this track, I want to write many different fiction and non-fiction books. My fiction ranges from intensely spiritual to hard science to high fantasy. Non-fiction titles include magickal how-to books.  I’m also available for free-lance writing and reporting.


Published Works

‘Gypsy Fortunes’ by Lady Lorelei, CTM  published by Barron’s 2003  ISBN 0-7641-7709-5


‘Tarot Life Planner’ by Lady Lorelei, CTM published by Hamlyn/Sterling 2004 ISBN 0600610918


Proposed Works

Diary of a Petsitter: Turning 40 in America

Become A Tarot Goddess

The Hero With 78 Faces

78 Steps On the Hero’s Journey

How to Make Your Own Tarot Deck

How to Make Magickal Tools

78 Views of Chatham County

Rescued Kitty Tarot


Unpublished Works

Click here for online samples of my science fiction and fantasy.


Tarot Credentials



·       2007   Duke University, Non-Profit Management Certificate

·       1986 BSEE University of Tennessee-Knoxville, cum laude, math minor

·       AP tested out of English

·       Columnist for school and city papers: Oak Leaf and the Oak Ridger

·       1982 National Merit Scholar, Oak Ridge High School


Work Experience

v        First real job was working the register at Putt-Putt for $2/hr when I was 14.

v        One week in retail, swore I’d never do that again. Still haven’t.

v        Camp cook.

v        Office of Concessions Accounting at the 1982 World’s Fair.

v        Vet school incineration tech.

v        Tested and researched the Orbitron Maser.

v        Cooked and took trash for the temple.

v        Sold books in the parking lot, then cookies.

v        Ms. Santa

v        Receptionist/Transcriptionist at a state mental health center

v        Computer hardware and software tester

v        Petsitting - housecleaning.

v        Space clearing (aka magick spells)



Life Experience

Ø         20 years raised as a Methodist

Ø         10 years in a Hare Krishna temple

Ø         2 trips to India

Ø         4 months in Mexico

Ø         10 years as an eclectic technopagan hedgewitch

Ø         Kitten rescue


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Tarot Book/Deck Ideas


The premise of the Tarot of Chatham County is that the 78 archetypes of the ancient tarot are symbolically represented everywhere and in every walk of life. I believe it is imperative for any tarot reader to move beyond the mass produced decks and to find her own personal symbology. I want to revolutionize the way tarot readers currently look at the tarot and teach them to better see the energies of the archetypes in real life. Also, I want to introduce the general public to uses of the tarot archetypes and teach them how to make their own decks.


Varnashrama Tarot based on the original Vedic (Indian, Hindu) societal system of 4 varnas and 4 ashramas (4 occupations and 4 stages in life)

Fool -  Jad Bharata, the perfect pure self-realized sage who appeared like a madman until the Emperor forced him to carry his palanquin and then engaged him in philosophical discussion.


Chakra Tarot based on the New Age re-invention of the ancient 7 chakra system

Fool - a child chasing a rainbow or a color wheel from which one first chooses their favorite color


Reiki Tarot incorporates the plethora of channeled symbols and well as the traditional symbols.

Fool -  a person who has found no pain relief or healing from allopathic medicine and has begun to search for alternatives.


Moon Tarot based on the 13 moon cycles in the year, solstices, equinoxes, etc. Maybe Wheel of the Year Tarot is a better name.

4 phases of each Moon

4 esbats, 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elementals, 4 times of day, (4 suits, 4 courts)

13 moons in a year  (13x6=78)


Vorkosigan Tarot based on the Miles Vorkosigan science fiction series by Lois McMaster Bujold

Fool - Can't you just see Miles hesitating at the top of the climbing wall, knowing if he jumps he will break both his legs, fail the physical test, and ruin his dream of entering the Academy? The other boys have already jumped and are sprinting to the next station. Sergeant Bothari gazes inscrutably up at him, air casts at the ready.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot might or might not include all 7 years. The majors are Buffy’s path beginning with the first time she slew a vampire and didn’t know what she was doing. Willow’s path would be Pentacles, Zander is Staves, Anya is Swords (although Faith sure would make a good Swords suit), Angel, Spike, or both are Cups.


Dave Drake's fantasy series "The Lord of the Isles" lends itself splendidly to the  4 suits with 4 main characters and story lines in each book. That leaves Tenoctris for the majors.


Dave Drake's SF series "Lt. Leary".  Dave himself would have to be the Hermit. Lt. Leary has the double-edged Fool of both Leary and Adele’s hero's journey. A good Fool card could be the two of them glaring at each other at their first meeting in the library ready to shoot the other down in cold blood.



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